Positive news

I feel like I’ve shared all my bad news on here so I thought I’d share the good. Since the mysterious clear up of all swollen bits and pain (a flare down?) when I had flu and the start of taking enbrel, I seem to be doing well. No pain, no hot swollen joints, even the ever persistent Achilles’ tendon pain has gone. I feel very, very lucky. Long may it last.

Tap, tap, tap the sound of me touching wood

Good news and encouraging!

Very good to hear that you're back on track.


Wonderful news !!!! Thanks for sharing your great news !

Oh Gwynneth I am so happy for you! Little happy clappy dance!

That’s so Exciting Gwynneth! Hope you get a long and enjoyable reprieve :slight_smile:

That is great! I personally love to hear good news, so thank you for brightening my night!

Fantastic news :slight_smile: long may the respite last x

Good to hear :)