Feeling Better

I've been feeling pretty rotten with a 7 week flare up so I wanted to share that, at least for right now, I'm seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

As things got worse, I ended up calling my rheum on MOnday (was scheduled for mid-April) and getting a cancellation on Tuesday. By that day I could not even sit in the waiting room and stood up and rocked. Pain was 6-7 on a 1-10 scale. I am starting my 5th wk of Enbrel, on MTX, Pred, and a few pain meds.

She added fibromyalgia to the dx and gave me a cortisone shot all over as well as added Lyrica (standard med for fibro). X ray ruled out spondilytis (ya!). Within one hour, pain went from 6-7 to a 4. Last night, no pain at all. Today, more like 2-3 but I'm reducing my pain med and I'm okay with that level of pain. Lots of ice/splints today. Next step- half the Pred as I taper off. Baby steps.

Got my temporary handicap parking tag as well. Went to OT and she gave me more tips for purse (backpack only), showed me how to walk with my new cane (brace on one knee for now), and tips on computer work. I keep two ice packs in front of my laptop and rest my hands there during calls or while I read material. Makes a world of difference.

Doc also filled out FMLA forms for work so they would have them on standby if I need them. I found her comments there helpful. Sobering was the box marked "permanent" when asking if this condition was temporary or permanent.

Hope this is encouraging for others. I'm sure there are many flare ups in the future but so good to feel good after so many weeks. Hang in there, everyone!


It’s always so wonderful when you have a reprieve from the pain isn’t it?! Really glad for you.