Good News!

We all love to hear GOOD NEWS! Do you have good news to share? Good news about your PsA? Good news about your life? Something you're looking forward to?

My good news is that I'm (finally!) going back on Remicade in a week. I'm SO excited to be able to treat my PsA once again.

What's your good news?

That's wonderful Nym.

My good news (of the day). . . I have a teeny tiny foster kitten, she just is 3+ weeks old. Today, for the first time, she used the litter box. She woke up, wandered into the box, and went #2. Go Lucy!!!!

The other good news is that my husband is home from work today and HE shoveled the driveway. Yesterday's snow and ice was just a bit much for me.

Here is a pic of my foster kitten Lucy, just to brighten someone's day.

137-IMG_0565.JPG (1.78 MB)

We got about 20 inches last night. The attached movie is what my husband did this morning:

You call that good news, sixcat? LOL I live on the frozen tundra (aka Canada) and I can’t remember the last time we got a 20 inch dump. OK, Nym, I guess that counts as MY good news.
Stoney, go Lucy indeed. I love kittens … Lucy is lucky to have you. That’s good news too.

Yay for good news!

More good news: my 14 year old son got his tonsils out on Tuesday. This was supposed to be the worst day of the recovery, and although it was worse than the past two days, we've stayed on top of his pain meds and he's doing great. I'm SO relieved!

sixcatlawyer said:

We got about 20 inches last night. The attached movie is what my husband did this morning:

136-MVI_3424.THM (5.6 KB)

So glad you have good news, Nym! :)

My good news is that I have been able to watch the beautiful sunset for the past several days, even though I live in the rainy PNW, and I haven't had to see the stupid sunrise at all! ;)

Last night was my 9 yr olds talent show at school. She sang “I really don’t care” by Demi Levato and killed it! So awesome as were many others. She’s been singing in the show since first grade by herself no true experience and the looks she has on her face everytime is priceless!! She was so happy and just beautiful! Pure joy as a parent to see your child loving her life. I couldn’t ask for more majic! Other kids ran to the stage like a real concert and cheered her on it was awesome!

My pipes survived the weeks of deep freeze. It's supposed to be warm all week and melt much of our snow. I ordered butterfly bushes today. They will be in in May to plant in my yard (zone 5)! I'm looking forward to it!!

Butterfly bush? Send a pic!

I can't figure out how to...

Maybe the link below will work?

That's great news, Nym! I'm glad you're able to go back on a biologic!

No new news here. But, at least everything is going fairly well--I'll report if something big happens!

What a little cutie pie! Kittens are so therapeutic.

Stoney said:

Here is a pic of my foster kitten Lucy, just to brighten someone's day.

Spring is nearly here and we live in an area of Southern California where our state flower, the Poppy, is abundant. With the scattered rains these last couple of months, they are really beautiful this year! Went for a drive out that way on Sunday and just love that poppy orange all over the place... and the yellow and purple and white too! They don't last long and every year is not the same, but they are so beautiful!

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I LOVE all the good news! (And that Demi Lovato song!)

After eight days, my migraine seems to be going away. Just in time for my Remicade hangover later in the week! LOL I'm incredibly sleep deprived, but doing surprisingly well today.

OK I have another wonderful thing to share. My son who is considered special needs due to a brain injury that effects his language skills ( he is 12 yrs old reads some mostly by memorizing things and has some speech clarity issues) just passed a normal 7 th grade Science and Engineering class with an A!!! I begged the teachers to just let him try the class and see if he can handle it and boy did he! If that’s not an example of what a person who thinks they can accomplish whatever they think they can and not what others tell them they are capable of then I don’t know what is!

Thumbs up! Two thumbs up!

It’s not all in my head… My bone scan actually showed something. Which really isn’t good. But it did get me an MRI (in July none the less) so even though I’m in a huge amount of pain. It’s not all in my head. We have also been having abnormally warm March. The snow here is almost melted