Good? News!

I FINALLY got a call from my gastroenterologist yesterday (a week after my liver biopsy results were on her desk!!!). I can go back on Remicade - I have an infusion tomorrow! Woohoo!!!

However ... my biopsy results are confusing. There is damage that looks to have been done by my own immune system. Further testing is necessary to figure out what the issue is. So... I get bloodwork done next week, then an appointment with a hepatologist, who will hopefully have some answers. We don't know if I'll be able to stay on Remicade, but because of the decline in my health, they want me back on it until they figure things out.

So good news and not so good news....but at least it's progress!!!

Yeah! I believe it is good news.

Well nym, if you can get a little respite from your pain that’s a plus, so I’d say its good news but I can understand why its clouded by the liver issues. Must say I’m pleased they’re getting a heptologist on board…best wishes and hope you get the relief you deserve x

Great news nym! I hope it continues with the hepatologist too.

I hope things turn out well, I am sure you are happy about getting the Remicade today!

Wishing you good things,