Good News!

From my blog, rannygahoots:

Good News!

The past week has been one of my toughest yet. Major psoriatic arthritis flare that got better and then much worse. But, as always - and even though I'm typing this post with my thumbs because my fingers are too swollen and painful - there's Good News! There's always Good News, you just need to know how to see it!

Good news - we're putting you back on medication that could potentially kill you so you can get off the medication that will kill you sooner rather than later.

Remicade is a life-changing drug for me. I was taken off of it for possible liver complications and am finally being put back on it, which will hopefully again provide a vast improvement in my health. In going back on it, I should be able to get off the liver-injuring drugs I'm currently taking to make it through the day. The scary thing about taking Remicade, is that Remicade can be a scary drug. The warnings go on for pages. The possibilities of health complications are seemingly endless. Yet I look forward to the phone call letting me know when I can once again spend several hours hooked up to an IV getting this amazing substance pumped through my body.

Good news - your daughter has high CRP (c-reactive protein) levels, indicating imflammation throughout her body. She most likely has an autoimmune something-or-other like her mother!

My eldest daughter has been having joint, pain, and exhaustion issues since she was four. She's ten. Following bloodwork ordered at a doctor appointment for inflammation in her foot, her crp levels came back elevated. As heart-breaking as it is to think she may have inherited PsA from me, getting these results means we can move forward toward a diagnosis and possible treatment rather than being blown off by the pediatric rheumatologist and waiting until her body is damaged permanently, as mine was by the time I was diagnosed. This is the first time in six years that any tests have shown that she does have the inflammation that's been there all along. She will not go through over thirty years being told it must all be in her head or myriad other ridiculous things before receiving a diagnosis. This is excellent news.

Good news from a friend - "my husband is disabled." (Not MY husband - a friend's husband.)

A friend's husband has been officially declared disabled by the court. This is amazingly good news, as it means further treatment options for his work-related disabling injury, and part of a huge financial burden lifted from his family. It also means less stress for the family, who have been fighting to get his medical care and compensation covered so they can get back on track financially - and all the emotional and mental health financial stability brings.

Good news - you'll owe us even more money!

And the most excellent news of the week - my parents have loaned us money to go on a family weekend at our beloved Camp Calumet. It is not only a much-needed family get-away, it is a huge blessing to my spiritual and emotional health. Right now, my mind is too cluttered with medical concerns - both mine and my daughter's - pain, swelling, appointments, treatment options, and so on, and I've been finding it more and more difficult to find those quiet moments of breath and prayer and connection to God's healing love. That we are able to take this trip is a blessing beyond description and there aren't words of thanks meaningful enough to express my gratitude.

Good News abounds!
You just need to recognize it when you see it!

I am so happy for you Nym! Leave it to you to find the most perfect pictures to brighten your blog with. My hugs and prayers are still with you, as always. Michael

Wishing you well nym, have a break away is so good for the soul, recharges your batteries. I’ve just had a lovely weekend with some girl friends…time to chill, talk and connect on a real level and to thank God for all the positives in your life :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: you won’t know yourself with having a trip away. Enjoy xo