Remicade is Working!

I havent been on here in a while. Selfishly because I have been feeling great. I have had 4 infusions of Remicade after trying EVERY pill possible, Enbrel, & Humira. Remicade is working wonderfully and I have not had any reactions or scary side effects. I sitll have the more "mild" aches and pains and I will definitely notice if I dont take my pain meds on time but no flares for me. I have hiked MILES, tried rock climbing, go on walks, and have a gym membership. I even plan things ahead of time! In short, I am doing things I never thought would be possible to do again. I havent forgotten about PsA because it is always a part of my life but I feel like I am acutally living more. Now just need to hope it lasts a while.

Bravo!! Success stories keep us all going. PLEASE stay in touch.

What great news! You help all of us when we hear that there is hope for a good life with PsA. Too often people forget the rest of us when things start looking up for them. Do let us know how things are going – you’re not gloating, your spreading hope!

Great to hear!

Glad to hear because I think someone said on here somewhere that remicade is the only biologic covered by medicare. Since I'm turning 65 in less than 4 years, I'll have to switch from whatever biologic I'm on to remicade. I hope Enbrel just keeps working until then, but we never know. There seem to be a million different outcomes from all the biologics! I like the once-a-week injection of Enbrel--I don't like the idea of having infusions. Idk much about all that. Just the word, infusion, sounds more profound than injection. I guess I need to educate myself on this.

So good to hear remicade works for does give us all hope. I wonder what the difference is between all the biologics--you'd think they work pretty much the same. Again, I need to read!