Remicade Infusion for PsA

Hi guys,

I'm 17 and I just recently got diagnosed with PsA in July. Today I went to the Dr. & we discussed different injection treatment that I could try since I had no luck with any pill form treatment. I was thinking about Enbrel, but then he told me about an infusion. I Honestly didnt know what that was but the way he made it sound was that it would be more potent but with increased side effects, basically he made it sound good enough for me to try. So they gave me a TB test and I go back in a couple of days, then they will make an appointment for this infusion. I know its just the beginning but I'm already losing hope in these medicines.

So my question is has anyone tried this infusion? I'm a little scared.

Hi Savanah,

I haven't tried the Remicade infusion myself but my nephew takes it for Chron's disease. He has to be given Benadryl at the time of infusion because he has a mild allergic reaction to it, but other than that, he has had great luck with it and no other side effects. I hope that the Remicade is as helpful to you as it is to my nephew, even if it is for something completely different! Keep us posted on how you are doing.

Hi Savanah! Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I was on Remicade for 17 months after trying Enbrel, and Humira (both worked a little). Remicade brought me nearly to remission for several months and was great! Unfortunately it stopped working for me recently as any of these medicine can. But while I was on it I loved it. For the first few infusions I had a mild reaction and they gave me benadryl to be safe, it was nothing too bad. But then after that I would just be a little tired the rest of the day, and sometimes the next day. It worked very quickly in me, and I would feel immediate relief from the infusions after that. I don’t think you can go wrong with whatever you choose to take, just as long as you try something, we’re all a little different to what we respond to. Good luck!

Hi Savannah,

I was on Remicade for about two years and I'd still be on it today except that I lost my health insurance. In my opinion, Remicade is nothing short of a miracle drug. Before I started treatments, I wasn't even able to squeeze toothpaste from a tube because my hands hurt so much. I had to use a cane just to get out of my car. Two days after my first infusion, I was virtually pain-free. Within three weeks, all of my lesions were gone. It's an amazing drug and I would recommend it to anyone. You usually have to take an antihistimine and ibuprofen before your infustion. The only drawback is that it is extremely expensive, but then so are all of the other treatments. It really worked for me and I hope you have the same results. Good luck!!!

FYI - if Remicade is really expensive for you, ask about the “Remistart” program. The makers of Remicade will give you up to $4000 a year to help cover expenses. Your doc should have a pamphlet available, and if not just look it up!

Thank you all for your replies.

Sorry it has taken me so long i had a really bad flare up! Any day now i am going to get a call so they can schedule me. You guys gave me alot of faith in Remicade, again thank you so much ^-^ . I have no clue where I would be emotionally with out support from other people with PsA.

I will tell you how my infusion after i get it <3


If you're in pain now, nothing says you can't call your Dr. and try to speed things along.

Your correct Andrew!

I am due for my first infusion on November 8th!

Lets see how it goes.

Heyy all!

I just wanted to let you guys know that i went for my infusion, and it went well.

It just made me a little tired. Cant wait for the next one!

That's great to hear savanah! I am on Remicade and have been for some years now and it works well for me. May it work for years to come for you, too!

Anne Marie