Hi Everyone !

I am a newly diagnosed PsA. Symptomatic for over 5 years and after the recent birth of my daughter was put into a flare.

I started Humira injections over two months ago and not responding to treatment. No relief of psorasis. Joint pain is mostly affected in feet, hands shoulders and knees.

Rheumo wants to start me on remicade infusions. What are your experiences with these drugs ? Have to go every 2 weeks starting in Dec.

Am a nervous wreck !

I have been on it several months now. I was started on 400mg. I was good for about a week or two & then back to hurting really bad. So I my rheumy increased the dose to 800 &I get mine every 6 weeks instead of the usual 8 weeks. I am noticing a BIG difference. No need to be worried. You won't believe how much better you will feel. Keep us posted & best of luck to you. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

Congrats on the birth of your daughter!

I had massive flares after I had each of my two children. The post-partum flares can be a bear to get control of. Hang in there. It *will* get under control. There are so many meds available to help.

I know how hard it is though to try and care for an infant while having a massive flare.

Congrats on your new daughter!!!

Remicade works wonders for me. I'm *just* back on it after being off for the summer due to other health complications and can barely wait for my next dose! I think of my infusion time as "spa" time - I love my infusion center, they take really good care of me!

FYI, you can have a bad reaction after several infusions. I had 3 with no problem and on the 4th went into anyphylactic shock within seconds of the meds going in. Luckily all they had to do was pull the IV and lay me down and give me some oxygen and steroids and I was OK. And they always gave Benadryl and steroids beforehand to prevent those types of reactions.

Just had my first infusion of Remicade. No problems. Took two hours so bring some reading material. They gave me Benadryl 50mgs because I was so nervous. No problem with injection site. P on skin is already clearing and looking forward to PsA relief in knees and feet. I was extremely tired and in a fog for the rest of the day but could have been the benadryl maybe the Remacaid. Took long nap felt okay. I realize that I need to do what ever it takes to get back to work and being scared will hold me back. Looks like you have a lot to look forward to with your new daughter.