I got the all clear to go on Enbrel a couple weeks ago, but had to put it off because I was soon seeing my gastroenterologist for the first time to help determine why my liver enzyme levels are high and was told odds were the gastroenterologist would send me for a liver biopsy.

I had the appointment with the gastroenterologist, and she ran a bunch of tests but told me that the biopsy wasn't needed at this time, so to go ahead with the Enbrel. An hour before I planned to inject the Enbrel (as I was on the way to the fridge to get it out) I listened to my voicemail, on which my gastroenterologist had left a message saying not to worry, but I needed to call her asap. I was about to call her and the phone rang - it was someone calling from the hospital to set up my upper endoscopy ASAP. I asked for what and they couldn't tell me, so I said I'd have to get back to them after I spoke with my doctor. Called the doctor's office 7 minutes before they were supposed to close (Columbus Day weekend) and the office was closed. So now I can't take Enbrel because I'm supposed to have an endoscopy asap, and I can't get a hold of my doctor to find out WHY I need an endoscopy. Gaah!

This was the end to my week that consisted of our clothes dryer breaking, our garage door breaking, my son breaking my glasses, my van acting up, my aunt being hospitalized and having surgery, and a friend going through a major crisis.

Meanwhile I'm mostly wheelchair-bound due to the amount of pain I'm having in my feet and SA joint, my energy levels are LOW, and we've lost around 1/3 of our income due to changes in work schedules and such, which makes life just that much more difficult.

Thanks for letting me vent. I'm feeling quite overwhelmed with all life has to throw at me these days, and know everyone here can understand how much more difficult things are to deal with when you're dealing with chronic pain and a body that won't cooperate with what you need to do.

Gaaah indeed! You’re on an obstacle course, and it’s uphill! What unlucky timing … Your gastro probably had a change of heart, and put a rush on the requisition to hurry you onto the enbrel. She knows you really need it.

Venting is good, and we’re happy to listen. :wink: i’m sure you’ll return the favour!

Ok....the endoscopy (in 2.5 weeks) is to confirm Celiac disease. It appears I also have simple fatty liver disease and possibly pre-diabetes or diabetes, but I didn't actually confirm any of this as I only spoke with the nurse and not my gastroenterologist. Hopefully my doc will call sometime today to fill me in on the rest of it. The bad news - no Enbrel for me for another 4 weeks or so. Argh.

I just keep telling myself that I should have all my answers and be able to start treatment by Thanksgiving. LOL