Bad Day

Well..I overdid it. My month long PSA flare-up appeared to be over. The Enbrel and other meds were working. Yesterday, I went to the museum with a friend (used walking canes) and took my daughter to get her hair cut. Today, I can barely move. I was on 6 packs of ice last night and 2 today. My hips are hurting most and are so tender to the touch. I also have fibromyalgia.

I struggle with knowing how much to push myself to regain some mobility after being recliner-bound so long and how much to rest. I am fighting getting an electric scooter, but, if I had to go somewhere today, I'd have to use one.

Sniff, sniff...

I think we've all overdone it to do something fun. It's hard not to!

If you are just coming off a period of inactivity and severe flare, take it easy. For a museum, I've been known to get a wheelchair (they usually have free ones at the courtesy desk) and have a friend or spouse push me around. That saves steps and energy I can use later in the day.

Electric scooters are great, BUT, the problem I found with mine is loading and unloading it from the car. If you get one, it is very important to get an easy method for transporting the scooter.

Thanks Marietta,

Love the wheelchair idea but I went to another museum last week by myself. One room in and I realized I lacked the arm strength (thick carpet! boo!) to move forward.

I have palm walking canes but a scooter is next.

Thanks again!

If you do get a scooter make sure you get a lift that is electronic. That way you can still use your truck of your car. That is one mistake I made so when I get another car I will make sure I do this.

Good point, Rebel mom! My daughter is looking forward to tricking out my scooter. Not excited about the Justin Bieber bumper sticker... :o)

This can also be iliotibial band syndrome. Check out

Mine has been inflamed since last summer, and sensitive. This is part of what I'm working on right now with the physical therapis, as my hips had gotten to be a problem.

Lovemydogs said:

Yes...we all overdo it at times but didn't it feel worth it tho????????

You mentioned you have fibro too and that your hips are very sensitive... my rheumy won't dx me with fibro but I know what those sensitive hips, outer thighs and knees feel like...

Hope you recover quickly!