Yesterday was a great day

Yesterday, I woke up energized and feeling great! That was the best morning I've had in years. I made a list of all the things I wanted to get done (since I was feeling so great), and had half of it accomplished by noon. It was amazing!

Then I got a phone call from my mother in law. The mother in law who is moving in with us at the end of this month. She called me to tell me that she needed help with her packing because she was running out of time, and somehow convinced me to drop the rest of my list and go to her house (via Big Lots to pick up stuff she needed). So from 1:00 until about 8:30 I packed more boxes of stuff than I thought she could possibly need - more than half of them boxes of books. That woman has a LOT of books. My husband came over after work and loaded up his car and mine with all those boxes I'd packed. By the time I got home I was hurting. But I was determined to finish my list, and worked until 3 am getting it done. Woke up this morning at 6 in agony. Just that quick I went from feeling strong and competent and terrific, to feeling like a seething mass of irritated nerve endings.

Got my son to school, and came home hoping I could get some more unpacking done, but realized quickly that moving was a really bad idea. Had shooting pain up my back and down my legs from those pesky 4 herniated lumbar discs...and I was just exhausted. So I took a muscle relaxer and pain killer and laid back down to try and calm the spasms down. Got up about 10 minutes ago to do some online bill paying, and the spasms are back - and are worse than ever.

I am just so sick and tired of this PsA. It needs to go away. It is so unfair that I cannot have a pain free day, and worse...I can't even get anything done without paying for it in spades the next day. PsA, you've gotten your pound of flesh, now leave me alone!!!

It sounds like you packed about a weeks worth of work into a single day, no wonder you are hurting so badly. I understand where you are coming from, get a good day and want to do as much as possible. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could wake up and feel pretty good and totally just enjoy it, only do the things we get enjoyment and pleasure from? Just think what the wonderful memories of that day would do to help us on a crappy day. I hope you can get some relief soon, I will be thinking about you

Silly, silly lady,. there you go trying to cram a weeks worth of work into one day again. :) My funny friend- you have to remember we cannot do that any more. We pay.... and pay .... and pay as you well know. I'm so sorry you are feeling like a wrung out dish rag kiddo. I hope the spasms ease off soon and you are able to be up and around a little better. I raise my tea mug to you and all you accomplished last week!!!!! The sunshine's on it's way


Spent 5 hours at Mema's apartment today packing more stuff. Then came home long enough to pick my kiddo up from play practice and meet up with hubby. Then we went back to Mema's apartment and packed more (and picked up a load). I also rented a reserved a moving van for tomorrow so we can hopefully get everything loaded up and moved over in one trip (instead of going back and forth). Unfortunately, Mema's mom died a couple of days ago, so on Sunday Mema, my hubby, and his sister are all headed on a road trip to go to the funeral. I made the executive decision to stay home - I figure after moving everything tomorrow, cramming myself into an enclosed metal box with a bunch of other people for a long road trip is probably a really bad idea. I told hubby's boss (his brother-in-law), however, that I would go in for a few hours on Monday to answer phone calls and find parts (part of hubby's job), then Tuesday I will go to Mema's apartment and clean it. Then we get to unpack everything. I calculate that I can relax again in about....6 months. :)

Well, there you go... only cramming four days into a weekend ! Glad you are feeling up to the challenge. So sorry to hear about the loss in your family. It is good to read that you made an executive decision in your favor.:) A small box crammed with people when you are tired is not a happy place for you to be, as I am sure we would almost all agree. Keep the boss happy and the hubby will be happy. Finding parts is not an easy job when the phone is constantly ringing...... have a good day :)