Tip I found, haven't tried it

Found this tip while online but haven't tried it. I bought a jar opener but for those that haven't yet try some duct tape.


Is there no end to the uses for duct tape :-)

Love the Duct Tape!

I just have those rubber gripper things, but I only use those when the really good jar opener isn't home. Too bad my kids aren't quite strong enough still to help. But when my hands are really bad, my 10yr old can use the rubber gripper with much less pain, so I'll still have her do it.

Luckily I have a teenager in the house who can open things for me!

What I've seen that works well is an under the cabinet jar opener...it's sort of like a 'V' shape, and you wedge the jar in, then use both hands the turn the jar. Easier than turning the smaller lid, and easier to get a grip on a large jar, especially if you use some shelf-liner to grip the jar.

I use a rubber glove to open them after tapping them on the counter somewhat gently.