Finding an easy to use umbrella or umbrella use tips!

Rainy season is here again in the Pacific NW, and though I don't often use an umbrella, sometimes it is needed. Over the past few years I've bee struggling with umbrellas...the 'pop open with a button' types get a tougher to push button over time, and then I can't open them anymore. The handles can be hard to grip for any length of time, etc.

Has anyone found a good solution or an easy to use umbrella, or even a tip for making it easier?

This may sound weird, but before my old favourite umbrella turn up its toes I rubbed an ordinary candle over the shaft where the ring slid up and down and it made it easier to slide. But my guess is any oils/wax based medium would help…as for the buttons etc, not sure how to get round that one…other than have a personal valet with you at all times just in case :wink:

I find that I usually wind up hugging an umbrella with my arm, rather than holding it with my hand. It gets painful really fast. I only really tend to use one when I'm waiting at the bus stop with my kids, so it is a big one that I'm using. Recently I've opened both types, the automatic and the push open. I still have a cast on my hand, so the push open was nearly impossible, as it requires two hands. The automatic ones do get tough over time. If you really need it, you can frequently open these with your elbow if need be. You just have to hold it in your lap or against a hard surface to do so. I just leave the velcro closed until I open the car door, but will "open" it in the car, release the button.

Thanks for the replies!

Stoney, it never occurred to me to use my elbow on the button. That's just genius.

I realized after reading your reply, that we have 2 types of automatic umbrellas in the house. Some have a flat, almost recessed, button on the handle, and some have a raised up button. The raised up button seems to work easier over time, so I might look for an umbrella with a bigger raised up button.

My elbow has been getting a serious workout! My hand is still in a cast post-thumb surgery, so I'm pretty impressive with my forearm to hold flat or elbow for something pointy.

Great tips. I can't use an umbrella either. I just go with the rain coat instead.

I found an umbrella, at Wallmart of course, with a gel handle. It is very easy on my hand and I rest it on my shoulder. It has a raised button which is easier to push as you noted. It can be very rainy in Vermont too but right now we are having the most beautiful Indian Summer.

The easy way no grip necessary

tntlamb said:

Awesome choice there!

Great hands free idea lamb :slight_smile:

My husband suggested the umbrella hat. I told him it would only look appropriate on him when he is riding his unicycle. LOL! Not a good look for ME.

I use my raincoat (with hood) most of the time, but sometimes I need to carry things that shouldn't get wet, that's when the umbrella comes in.

I had no idea such a thing as a gel handle umbrella existed.