The bubbling undercurrents of pissiness erupted last night....sigh

Well, last night my hubby and I had our first official fight. It wasn't a knock-down, drag-out kind of fight because neither of us are like that, but it was pretty intense. So intense, in fact, that every other living being in the house slunk out of sight - including Mema, the kiddo, and the dog and cats.

Apparently I was right on target when I mentioned in previous posts about the undercurrents of frustration that I was sensing in my husband. Yesterday was a really awful day for me. I was fighting really horrible muscle spasms in my back - ones that were approaching the level of badness that put me in the hospital for 3 days. Additionally, I was feeling some cramping/weird pain in my abdomen that I've never had before (still am, in fact). I was completely out of energy, and had already put dinner in the crockpot that was about to take a lot of energy to finish up (had to shred the beef, make the saffron rice, and cut up the veggies). I ended up asking my mother in law to make the rice and my son to cut up the veggies - and it took me over an hour to shred up the I was already not in good shape. Hubby got home from work, flopped down on the couch to eat and watch his favorite t.v. show. I got up to put the leftovers in the fridge, and asked my hubby to do me a "favor" (didn't even get far enough to tell him what the favor was), and he exploded. Granted, I did kind of holler from the kitchen, so it could have been misconstrued as me yelling at him, though that wasn't my intention. Needless to say, things went downhill fast from there. We were quite angry at each other. The flip side of that coin is, both of us got quite a few things done that we wouldn't have as we worked off our mad. The bad news is, my back is worse today. I did get my son to his doctor's appointment, but am likely going to spend the rest of the day in bed hopped up on pain killers and muscle relaxers. Fortunately, I made enough yesterday that we can have reheated leftovers for dinner tonight :) Planned or not, it is a happy side effect.

Oh I am sorry timberwolf. I know it is so hard but we have all had thase nights as we learn our limits. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as you learn yours.

Not an easy time, thinking of you x

I am still definitely learning how to communicate with my partner and we're still in the early days and have had a few tough fights already - long term there have got to be so many things that build and ebb and build and ebb - I hope you find some peace soon. Thoughts and positive feelings sending to you . . .

Hubby and I have sorted things out and will continue to muddle on. I'm sure this won't be the last argument we have, but it felt good to clear the air and to genuinely apologize to each other and genuinely forgive each other.