Oh dear, a melt down!

I’ve just had a melt down at work!!..a cascade of problems and bad situations landed me at boiling point. When my partner phoned me at my break time I cried down the phone, because I’m so emotional. Bloody hormones!
Soon for the funny farm me thinks!!

Well, thank god I am not the only one! I have had a few over the last several months all as private as possible, the ladies room! I work with all men in my department and my boss is a hard core ex Marine! Life alone can cause ups and downs throw this psa stuff in and it gets so hard to balance be it our emotions or hormones! Hope letting it out helps because bottling it all in is like shaking a 2 litre of pop and expecting it to not gush out. You mentioned your boss being pretty receptive when you had your discussion last week hopefully that hasn’t changed (I was so jealous when you mentioned that but I chose my field and knew what I was getting into but 18 years ago I had no idea this disease was coming). Hugs to you!!! Hang in there!!

Hugs from me too, Louise. If you go to the funny farm, let me know. I’m coming along with a few of our friends from here 'cuz I think we could have a really good time locked up together.

Haha, me too! I actually scared my husband out of the house before--so I can get some cleaning done! He's such a slob (can't say I'm not guilty too) and this place was gross. I nearly started crying-but then just started throwing things away! It felt good--and that only took a few minutes, but it looked overwhelming before I started.
Now I can get down to the nitty gritty scrubbing and vacuuming and have it all ready for our family meal tonight! Can't believe having our kids over for dinner and games can put me into such a tizzy. I guess I don't want them (especially the in-laws) to see what slobs Dave and I are!

Yep, been there myself today. I like the sound of that 'funny farm' Seenie mentions together with the company of my PsA friends.

On another note, how's your skin? Any improvement yet from the UV treatment?

Thanks girls :slight_smile: I took a pillow into the doctors consulting room and punched it to within an inch of its life!! Very therapeutic! Still pencilled in my stay at the funny farm though lol.
Saturday is usually a good day at work as no docs or managers, but the skill mix was bad today as well as IT problems repeatedly reported for about a month but we’ve not even seen and IT bod yet! Shove some extremely unhappy patients in the mix as well…who always make a beeline for muggins here!
Yes UV treatment is going ok, P is responding well but …I have very burnt boobies, so had my last session cancelled, got to wait til it gets better :). So I guess being sore didn’t help today either lol
Had a lovely relaxed swim after work, and a big cuddle from Rob … So feeling much more stable lol x

Oh Louise, burnt boobies and Aholes at work! You earned a melt down at work at the very least. We’ll save you a place at the funny farm. And llamas! Every funny farm needs llamas!