Emotional roller coaster!

Does anyone else feel as though they are just…emotionally unstable ? I feel like my emotions are just all over the place lately!!!

I do. I've been crying a lot more lately and I feel like I'm losing my grip on my sanity! It never used to be this bad but lately I'm a mess! I don't know if it's just stress or what but I totally understand what you are feeling!

I do specially on bad days. I've been getting better slowly but everytime the pain is worse I panic. I can't stop thinking about how awful I felt and don't want to go back to feeling like that. I can't help the tears. I never used to cry before this disease hit me.

Sometimes, yes I do. I've had a history of depression including one hospital stay. However, since then my life has been so wrapped up in raising a special-needs child and dealing with an Aspergers hubby that I don't have time for depression! I still have my moments, but I have not had to take any anti-depressants for over 14 years. If my mood were to severly destabilize on a long term basis again, regardless of hugs, diet, sunshine etc. I would get my butt to the doctor for some anti-depressants asap. Women have a harder time with hormonal fluctuations that exacerbate mood, and having health issues on top of it....well Duh! Pain and frustration are not helpful in this scenario. Blessings for wisdom and relief for you, soon.

Hi Believer,

I think that being diagnosed and learning all I can about my disease has helped me to accept, being older may be a factor too, not sure. Finding a treatment that you can actually feel is making some kind of difference is a plus, but the unpredictablilty is sometimes just a bummer!

Hope things even out for you! Stay strong!


Yip try 5 years, with all my aches and pains I just felt like I was going crazy all the time, although a lot better since being diagnosed with psa in 2011

I have also endured this too. God bless all the wonderful people with PsA and all they do despite so many symptoms gettting in their way! I was treated for depression/anxiety many years before the PsA diagnosis though I know I was symptomatic for PsA back then too. But as we all know too well it takes a long time to get diagnosed with PsA. I take my Lexapro every day. I have tried twice to titrate off of it but within 6 months needed to go back on it due to either anxiety or depression symptoms. At this point I have decided it helps me handle pain and frustration for PsA. Now when I have a teary/blue/frustrated day I take it as a signal I need to take it easy, have a nap, bath good movie or book. For me I know I have been trying to do too uch with too little so being good to myself really seems to help. I am so sorry you are feeling so lousy and hope you can find some good ideas here to try. Let us know what works and how you are doing. Remember we are rooting for you.

Thank you everyone for your kind words.. I just seem to be sooo incredibly emotional.. And I know it sounds like an excuse, but I have NO time to slow down and relax.. I wish I did! Michael.... what you said about when you start feeling that way is a sign that u need to take a nap, watch a movie, read a book etc... OMGoodness!!! It's like a "LIGHTBULB" moment hit me!!!!! I am going to TRY and do that.. because the more exhausted I am the worse it is.. I had went home (to my parents home) to help my mother with my baby sister's wedding shower and my mother had me climbing on ladders and lifting and walking non stop and shopping for 3 days.. not to mention the cooking and cleaning and decorating.. I don't remember the last time I was so tired.. then I came home (MYhome) and just wanted to veg out and watch a comedy.. get lost in a movie.. didn't want to even talk to anyone... I was just physically and emotionally (with my mother, I can do NOTHING right, so 3 days was 2 days too many) drained! I feel better today.. but my mother is coming to my house tomorrow... *sigh... I will try and relax after she leaves and not get soooo overwhelmed this time! Thanks again!!! <3

I know that it’s really hard to say NO to someone you love and want to help and do things for but you need to sometimes say it! I am just now learning that sometimes I just can’t do things and saying no is my only choice. My family wasn’t happy about it at first but I physically couldn’t do things for them like I used to. I have found it is better for me to not do something and let others deal with it rather than do something I know is too much and pay for it extensively. I understand the mother stuff, for the longest time everything was my fault. I grew up believing that everything was my fault and now I am a person that tries too hard to make people happy, I apologize too much, I used to take crap from everyone (luckily I decided I didn’t wan o be that person anymore). I still push myself and hurt later but it takes awhile to have people accept that you have if different challenges than they do. I hope you find some ‘me’ time and get to feeling better about yourself :slight_smile:

My daughter, who has the PsA, also feels the same as you do. She often wants to stop taking the antidepressant (citlopram) but I have cautioned her to keep it going. I feel like this is the one thing that really keeps her emotions stable. As a young person, there is so much going on. Having to think about your health all the time is such a bummer.

Reading these posts has made me think.........maybe I'm not the crazy, unbalanced, tearful freak I believe I am some days! Other days I'm a hot 40's something, totally together wondermum! See I'm not unbalanced at all, just tip wildly from one extreme to the other! ;) I always blame the meds, menapuse, everyone else lol x