Double whammy!

Wow !I am in tears reading these blogs I just joined and my heart hurts to see so many of us going through this, but at the same time glad I have others to share my pains and sorrows and not be judged or looked at as a crazy person. I have been in pain for many years since I was a teenager with out knowing what was going on then about 8years ago I get diagnosed with fibromyalgia and 2years ago with psoriatic arthritis Doble Whammy, depression, panic attacks,anxiety, agoraphobia needless to say flares with any little stress and very little sleep. Just really hoping one day a cure will finally liberate us all from this hell and save others from going through it.

Hi Rosa, welcome. As well as the sharing for support when times are hard there are also the uplifting moments shared as well. It's a great place to share your thoughts and feelings with people who understand-by-experience what things are like.

Rosa--we're all hoping for a cure. And while we're waiting we're also hoping for the fortitude to get through another day, another flare, another doctor appointment, another 20 minutes on hold at the online specialty pharmacy, another blood test, another X-ray, another injection...

Good luck and hang in there!

Welcome Rosa! I am so glad that you found us. Remember when reading the blogs that people tend to hang out here when they are not feeling well and need friendship and support. There are many more people with PsA who are on the right medication regimen and are out in the world living their lives, and loving it!