Rollercoaster Life

Anyone else on a rollercoaster?

My PsA seems to be more under control than it has been in the past two years, today's trip to the ER aside (I couldn't move my neck - went in, got my usual two shots and three pills, and left LOL). I can walk unassisted, and am hoping to start getting back into hiking within the next week or two. It truly is amazing. When I do have issues, it's usually in my neck, shoulders, and arms, and is most definitely weather related.

I still have chronic pain, and we're thinking I have something on top of PsA that's contributing. My rheumatologist is leaving the practice next month, and I'm stressing waiting to hear if he'll still take my insurance in his new practice, if he'll still be affiliated with my beloved infusion center (I love the people there!!!), or if I need to find a new rheumy (and wait 4-6 months for an appointment).

I'm now getting massage every two weeks - I have four more sessions pre-paid, which will get me treated up until our camping vacation. I start acupuncture treatments on Monday at a place that does community acupuncture for $30 a session. I'm hoping this will get me well on the road to better health.

Over the past few months, my almost-13 year old son has been diagnosed with clinical depression, my seven year old with Aspergers (our 14 year old son already has an Aspergers diagnosis), and my almost-11 year old daughter is experiencing more joint pain (we've been trying to get a diagnosis since she was 4). It's been an emotional rollercoaster for me, and that, of course, sets off physical stuff as well.

That sounds like a lot of things going on!

My life ALWAYS feels like a roller coaster, so you are not alone :)

I too seem to be on this ride too. At least we are not riding alone!

Your life sounds like it has many challenges in addition to your PsA, I can't imagine how difficult it must be at times and its no wonder you feel like your on a are! Just wanted to wish you all the best and I really hope things work out well for you and your family. Good luck.