Stressed and grumpy

Sigh....lower back hurts. It's always something. Get one place better then another hurts. I'm worried the Dr will think I'm a complainer. Every time I mention that a new place hurts she immediately takes x-rays of it. Then tells me there is no damage to that joint. I'm thinking, but don't say, that of course there is no damage. It just started hurting. Think they should take followup x-rays six months down the road. I can see changes to my joints after a few months.
I know it's a good thing that the x-rays show no damage, but it always makes me feel like a fake when I know I'm not.

Then there's my feet. My toes are starting to turn outward and I cant bend my big toe, they hurt so bad some days I can't stand to put pressure on them, but Dr says x rays show no significant damage. Makes me wonder what they consider significant.

Sorry about the rant, just feeling frustrated and in pain today.

Also have to see the regular doctor today about the weird episode I had on Saturday. Guess I'm worried about that too.

Also I burned my hand a couple days ago and I have a two inch burn with blisters and I just realized that it doesn't hurt and didn't hurt when I did it for more than a couple minutes. Now I'm worrying about nerve damage and wondering if I should mention this to the dr and is yes which one.

I'm so tired........sometimes I just want to give up....

I hope today is a bit better. I've gone through phases where it seems like I am going to the doctor all the time. Trying to avoid getting that started right now, as a matter of fact, due to some breathing issues.

It's reasonable to do x-rays, to at least get a baseline. But of course, the ideal situation is that there is no "significant" damage. You are on meds so that this doesn't happen.

Hi Cissy - don't apologize for ranting - everyone needs an outlet! As for your quesiton about nerve damage and what dr to tell? Tell them all! One of my biggest problems was that I thought my iritis was an eye issue and my "pulled muscles" were related to sports injuries, etc. What google helped me figure out was that the two were related. Perhaps if I had mentioned my other symptoms to my eye doc or PCP, I'd have had a quicker diagnosis. My recommendation is to keep of log of everything and bring it with you to every doctor you see. Keep the faith and hope you're feeling a little better by now.

Jen, Thanks. I had more xrays yesterday. Dr thinks pinched nerves in my spine from "inflammation, irritation or osteoarthritis" If the x rays confirm, probably won't do anything about it unless I have alot more "episodes". Guess it could have been worse. I'm so used to hearing the word inflammation in reference to my body that the word just seems like normal.

Stoney, Thanks I do feel a bit better today. Still tired, but that is part of this life, not so ready to give up today....keep fighting the fight.

Hope you both have a good day!