So we'll see

Going to see the rheumatologist next Wednesday. First time his nurse has ever called me right back, but I didn't realize I hadn't seen him since April. Oops. So anyway. We'll see what transpires.

Thank you for the helpful comments, y'all. I really do appreciate it.

Stress, however, is not lessening. Am deeply worried about my dad. I wish he weren't a tough Texas man(tm) and would let me get him the help he needs. Often, getting help for yourself means you're helping those who love you, at the same time.

I plan to do my best to take better care of myself, while I'm at it.

::waves to rheumatologist::

::also mammography technician on Monday::

::hi radiologist::

::wait, there's a dentist next Tuesday too::

::ugh next week is gonna suck::

::come to think of it, this week sucked, too::

::waves at sad swollen feet::

::goes to bed::

Janissa, I hear you. :frowning: But you have the most wonderfully creative way of expressing it.

Good night, sleep tight. Maybe the week after will be better. We can only hope.