Now my back? Really?

Ranting disclaimer. Continue at your own risk!

I got a sinus infection last week. Put me in bed for a few days. Rheumatologist gave me anti-anthrax antibiotics so if any of you have suspicious powder-filled envelopes you want opening--I'm your gal. Pretty much over that whole mess and I didn't have a fever on my methotrexate day, so I gave myself the week 6 shot. Don't see much progress on that front yet.

Today's delight was getting out of bed after a pretty restful night only to have my back give one of those loud--but satisfying--pops. You know the one: usually it puts something back in place that was out of alignment. Well not so much this morning. Something clearly went WAY out of place. Left side of my back, just above that bumpy hip/pelvic bone knobbly thing. Can't cross my legs. Can't move quickly. I lay on a heating pad for a while which helped until I got up. Took a warm bath which helped until I got out. Tylenol did nothing.

I called the rheumatologist and I'm waiting for a call back. The nurse thinks it's a flare. The only thing I did yesterday was carry a bag of potting soil down to the basement. Not a strenuous task as far as I'm concerned. But my arms swelled up before bedtime. I assume by back swelled up overnight.

Perhaps this is the first lesson in understanding my limits. 40lbs of potting soil must be one.

I am so sorry Jane. I have a terrible time understanding my limits as they seem to change daily. I am hoping yours are more easily discerned but perhaps not that easily discerned! I am sending hugs and prayers your way. Perhaps today is a movie and hot chocolate (with or without Baily's your choice!) day!

It might have happened anyway, but. . . 40 pounds of potting soil on a staircase is a lot. Stuff like that I frequently just leave at the top (or bottom) of the steps, and ask my husband to take care of it. And with the way my hands have been lately, I've been asking my 10 yr old to do a lot more opening of containers.

Hopefully this morning finds you able to get up a little bit easier, and you have a treatment plan in place already. Wishing you well.

Thanks Stoney, Michael in Vermont,

my heating pad and and a hard pear cider last night along with the promise of pain meds from the doctor are making things easier today. Normally a bag of potting soil is NBD--and in my house it's MY job! This is all going to take some getting used to!

I leave a post-it on the cellar stairs listing what I need brought up and placing in a tidy row the things that need to go back down. My husband doesn't seem to mind at all. We are both getting on in years and can't remember a verbal list. Now if he forgets to look at the list that's another problem.....