Side effect or illness?

Hey gang.....I haven't felt good since I took my Humira on Sat :( Normally, I end up taking about a 3 hr nap and then I'm good to go but not this time. I've been on it since end of March and it has been awesome!

I didn't feel well Sunday.....felt like a UTI starting....REALLY pushed fluids and even drank Cranberry juice which is pure desperation for me! Got diarrhea late Sunday......figured too much acid from juice.....felt bad yesterday morning but better last night....only had Banana bread for supper. Ate breakfast eggs/toast and it went downhill from there.....had to leave work and have slept all day.

Is it just coincidence that it happened after the injection or could this be a reaction? Build up?

Thanks again for the wisdom!


I'm guessing just coincidence, but call your doctor if you have any questions about it.

Thanks Stoney......have been searching everywhere and I am inclined to agree. Will try and ride it out and see my doc if doesn't improve