Just thinking about Humira side effects -

Ive just been skim reading the Lawsuits for Humira, Enbrel et al and picking out some of the side effects which suddenly started chiming a few bells... The .. oh thats what caused it feeling... The lawsuits make interesting reading but not for the faint hearted. There is one thing I noticed which gave me a oh so thats what it it was ...having weird feeling of being very very cold and thinking there was something very odd about it. especially when no one else around was - like your internal thermostat has gone funny. The other thing that is mentioned a lot is the depression. I feel I can talk about it now but at the time it was impossible. There was so little sympathy left in the family home, as I clearly didn't appear to be dying- I had been ill a long time and was still there , that to add another label was more than I could bear. My husband had a sneaking suspicion that it was all in the head anyway.

Now , I can be more open- I was terribly depressed, despairing and even suicidal. I was determined not to take more meds as they would have felt like another bit of failure to cope, and the side effects sounded awful, on top of what was happening. Now , after my 6 month wellness campaign, disbelieve the diet if you like, but it is working 100% for me, and gettin better, I am not depressed. I am normal- ups and downs, have energy to feel my feelings again- laugh, cry etc. I think it is like you dont have any extra for emotion when you are in permanent , chronic, inflammation. Dont give up, remember the Hippocrates quote- Extreme remedies are appropriate for extreme diseases - and - Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food- six months ago I was in extreme pain- and ill for previous 20 years. It might only work a bit if you have so many complications, but hey ho. The post by Prof Tim Noakes and the whole blog of Prof Ayers deserves your attention- Cooling Inflammation. xx