Humira making me sick

Just curious if this happens to anyone else. I have only done 2 shots. Both times I got extreme migraines after. I get them any way so and I know headaches are a side affect. This time wasn't as bad but still bad. I just don't what to think.

When I was on Humira I didn't have any reaction at all but then it didn't work for me either. After my first Simponi injection I had 24 hours of feeling like I had the 'flu but it hasn't happened with subsequent doses. I have a friend who is laid low for a day after every Humira shot and I seem to remember this coming up before on this forum as well. So I think for some people it is maybe not too unusual to have a reaction. Drinking lots of water seems to come up regularly as a way to ease all the medication reactions so maybe making sure you're very well hydrated would help. I know some members here time taking their meds so that they sleep through any reaction or don't have to work the next day if they feel rough.

I hope you find the migraines ease once you're more into treatment but if you're worried contact your rheumy/rheumy nurse, primary care physician or the Humira helpline.

Migraines are SE of both Enbrel and Humira. As if the Humira caused it, only your doctor would know.

Enbrel gave me horrid headaches for 3 - 4 days after each dose, as well as nightmares and an exceptionally foul mood- I was looking for a fight. Not my normal default setting!

Thanks for all the comments. It is good to have a place to ask!

On the bright side, side effects tend to get better over time. You may find that this continues to get better. Also, make sure you are getting enough water. :slight_smile: