Humira and side effects

So I took my Humira injection again tonight which is my 8th injection and I am feeling a bit strange, Ive never had real side affects I mean major ones anyway, Ive had some issues with fatigue and headaches but since starting the humira the pain has gone down tremendously but tonight after my injection I started having some severe pain in my feet and legs and I am burning up, the ac in my house is on and everyone else is freezing but i cant cool down, and my headache is major right now, I am a bit worried about being so hot and the pain in my legs and feet so i was wondering if anyone on here had ever experienced the same symptoms after humira....

None like that, have you put a call in to your Dr. I hope ? I have been taking Humira for years and have not had any side effects with such severity. The fever concerns me the most. Call your Dr. at the very least and let them know what you are feeling IN DETAIL so they know everything your feeling. Stay Well......Rich

What Rich said. A Fever is an indicator of real problem. Usually you feel like you have a fever or wish you did. Normal Bugs etc when you are on a Biologic that would give anyone else a low fever, won't us (usually) because immune system suppresed. We can get over 'em just as quickly but feel worse (a lot worse) getting there. The Hot you are feeling is kinda typical. If we actually HAVE a fever that could mean a much bigger problem. Any way what Rich said. I've not heard of a reaction like yours but that's not to say it isn't one. The thing about PsA is the suprisewith never stop...... Humari if you are on the 2 week program has pretty low levels by the time you inject again, so something already going on can be really amplified when you do inject making it seem like a reaction.

Thanks for the advice! I did call my Doctor and left him a message, havent heard back from him yet since he is out today but should hear something tommorow I will update when possible! Amanda

It sounds as if you might have already had a infection going on of some kind when you injected (ie: throat infection, ear infection, etc) and the Humira injection magnified your situation. Keep us informed of your outcome with the doctor when you are able. Pray all goes well for you.

I hope everything is going well for you Amanda. There is a 1-800 # on your box of humira so you can call someone at any time of the day or night. Especially when this sort of situation happens .