Humira side effects

I'm new to PsA and the forum. The quick back story is I've had symptoms for the last 3 years mostly in my right hand. This year intense pain and inflammation spread to include both hands, shoulders and feet I sought the help of a rheumatologist. I was started on Celebrex immediately which has helped the inflammation in my hands and shoulders and then added Methotrexate in March which made no difference. After 16 weeks on M my rheumy suggested a biologic and we decided on Humira. I started Humira a week and a half ago. Day 3 after the injection my the inflammation in my foot has subsided and the psoriasis on my scalp is much improved and completely gone in some places but this last week has been rough. I have absolutely no energy and a constant headache and have been incredibly forgetful. I called the rheumy and said that all of this is fairly normal and then broke the news that my insurance company is refusing to cover humira. The nurse said they are "fighting" that decision but want me to decide if I even want to proceed with the medicine because of the side effects. Humira has made such an impact on my PsA I really want to continue but the fatigue and headaches are tough in a very different way.

Does anyone have any advice on how to counter these side effects?

  • did your rheum say these side effects may improve over time. Are we talking migraine type headaches or a nagging head pain?The fatigue could just be disease.. If you can tolerate the side effects and the humira seems to be helping you, well then stay on it and give it time . Full effects can take up to six months to be felt. Maybe once your body adjusts a bit the headaches will ease off. good luck to you. I hope you get your coverage