Rotary cuff tear

Let’s add something new to my list of aliments. I now have a small tear in my right rotary cuff. I broke down and cried. I told the dr. I do not want surgery! He said let’s try PT and see how you feel in five weeks. Found out also I have gout. Anyone here have or had surgery on rotary cuff

sorry to hear that you have added to your list of ailments but 2 weeks ago I got a right rotor cuff tear too as well as an inflamed bursa in the shoulder and the pain was like a really bad toothache which added to my flareup and have felt completely miserable, I will be getting a cortisone injection to ease the pain but nothing has been said about any surgery thank goodness!! Hopefully you wont need to have surgery my physiotherapist said it can take 6- 8 weeks to heal and to used cold/heat packs, pain relief and anti inflammatories

Surgery is going to be the last resort for me. I too am going to do the pt route, shot, and a new ant iflamatory drug. I was on Vimovo but he switched me to Meloxicam. The real interesting thing is that is if I did not have this shoulder condition I would would feel good right now. It seems the the gout medicinc and MDX is working. I do hope the PT works!

Hi Rebel Mom, As we speak, I am recovering from shoulder surgery. The doctor thought I tore my rotator cuff, but it was a "slap tear" (not as bad) and bone spurs and arthritis. It is not an easy surgery, and you have to be diligent with physical therapy, but the outcome is so much better than having the pain you are feeling now. This is my 2nd surgery, the first in my other shoulder was a small rotator cuff tear, along with the other things, and I wish I hadn't waited so long (10+ years of misery) to get it done. Don't wait too long to get surgery if PT doesn't work. It is easier to repair a small tear, than a big one. Best of luck, Sheila