Anyone had rotator or labrum tear before

I wanted to throw this out there. I have at least a rotator tear (supposedly not too bad) and probably a labrum tear. My arm moves without restriction and a lot of pain, but I pay for using it later.

The plan is to scope it and fix it. But has anyone else had to deal with this? I have times my entire arm hurts all the way down into my hand. I know the PsA is jumping on the inflammation in the shoulder, but…

I even have pain down in my ribs, but I think that is a flare. My bicep will ache terribly. Seems to be a lot of referential pain, but I am unsure.

My issue has been in the AC joint. My mom (who also has PsA) has had her rotator cuff repaired. Her recovery was definitely longer than mine, but she’s been happy with the results overall.

My AC joint on that side is pretty arthritic. I dislocated it about 30 years ago. I don’t know if they can do anything for it.

I have one large tear and several small tears on my left rotator cuff. I believe it happened when I had a work place injury in 2004. I had no use of my arm for several weeks. I had physio at the time and cortisone shots but no mri. Until recently. This is how we found out about the damage. I’ve had on going pain, inflammation and reduced range of motion over the years.

I have been reading and have decided most of my pain is from the AC joint. I fell on that shoulder hard 30 years ago and partially dislocated my clavicle at my sternum, but never had it repaired. My shoulder doc said the AC joint was pretty arthritic on the scan. After reading about it, I think a lot of the pain is because the AC is bone on bone. I’ll have to talk to the doc about it, but fixing it sounds nasty.

I have rotator cuff tears in both shoulders but am trying to NOT get an additional surgery. Left labrum is also torn. Both my wife and i have had bilateral knee and hip replacements. Pain in the shoulders is extreme.

I had the ac joint surgery. They opened up the space between the bones. I started PT the first day home. It was hard, and full recovery did take quite a while. But I’m pain free with a good range of motion. I’m trying to think, this was probably four or five years ago

I’ve had both rotator cuffs repaired. It’s a significant surgery, and you want someone who does a lot of them and then a therapist who specializes in shoulders.
I have a fairly physical job and hobbies so that probably contributed

I’ve had a few tendon detachments. Two in the wrist, another the achilles tendon. Occasionally I get severe pain in the ribs. As painful as broken ribs. The tendons eventually healed themselves. Took about 16 months for each. The PSA has attacked almost every part of my body at some stage. The most permanent damage is to my toes and my left hip. I could be a candidate for a hip replacement but I wont venture down that path until it absolutely has to be done.

I am having my shoulder fixed in a couple of weeks. The major problem is the AC joint being shot. I hope the surgery fixes everything. Sounds like a rather long recovery. My typing is already bad. It will be terrible with only my left hand!!

Is that all that you’re having done, the AC joint? The start of the recovery was rough and i definitely slept in the recliner for the first number of days.

I started physical therapy right away with home exercises. I cursed a lot, but it’s what’s necessary to ensure good healing. I think it was about 9 months before I could sleep on that side but that’s okay.

AC joint is bad. It is bone on bine and causing me the most pain. Rotator has a small tear. The labrum is torn.

I figured out it was the AC. Doc had said the scan showed it was pretty arthritic. My entire shoulder was hurting down my back and ribs and over my collarbone. I did some research and that described AC problems. I fell on the shoulder 40 years ago playing with some kids and partially dislocated the collar bone at the sternum. It calcified in the opening, but I guess it messed up the AC. The other one is fine.

I hope it goes smoothly for you. The good news is that you’ll be excused from shoveling snow for the winter, if you get any.

I’m having foot surgery on 1/13, but it will only excuse me from shoveling for a few weeks I suspect. It’s pretty surface, just to remove a ganglion cyst.

I had to move my shoulder surgery out to end part of January because my brother passed away. The rotator tear was minimal. Labrum was pretty bad. AC joint wasn’t as bad as we thought. Now in PT twice a week. The shoulder aches and hurts and of course the PSA has decided to flare up worse because of all the stress.

I turned 65 past weekend. I tried to ignore that birthday, but am not succeeding. I have set a retirement time for December 2024 if my mind and body will hold out that long.

I have been under a lot of stress since November dealing with my brother, then suddenly it was over. All the pain from the shoulder prior to and after surgery added to all that stress. I am helping his wife liquidate his coin collection and some other issues with his estate. His passing is hitting me hard. I am the last of my direct family now. Only nieces and nephews left. My brother was the only one I had to talk to about issues at home.

My pain levels from the PSA have been really bad the last four weeks. Last night my hands and feet hurt so bad I didn’t sleep. Did a round of steroids (dos-pack) last week. They didn’t do much. I have been having a lot of pain in my ribs and around my sternum again. That was so bad Monday and Tuesday it was hard to breathe. I just hurt all over. The little pain meds I am down to after the bigger ones are over from the surgery are not touching the pain.

Saw my rheumy last week also. He didn’t have much to say other than the flare up was probably from the stress. DUH! He didn’t say much else. I sort of felt like there is nothing else he can do for me…

I am trying to work from home still, but work stress is increasing. Stress may not really be increasing, I just may be failing to deal with it as well as I was. I haven’t been sleeping more than 3 or 4 hours a night for several months. All this is really starting to take a toll on me physically and emotionally.

I am just having one of those days I am ready to say fugit, and toss in the towel on trying to work. That won’t fix the pain though.

I am hoping and praying all the pain starts letting up soon. The last 6 months have just been a lot to handle. I need to get past the shoulder pain quickly or I may have to enter pain management, which is a last resort.

Sorry, I just needed to vent.

We are glad that your are staying in touch @tamac and everyone needs a good vent! I am sorry for your loss. And with your brother being the last who represented someone to call family makes it even harder. Grief is real and can be a long term form of stress on a body that has been in struggle mode for some time. I hope that you can find moments of joyful memories that make you smile in the midst of the physical and mental stress of loss. Sometimes I find that I need to focus on one pain issue at a time rather than 5 hot spots all at once. By dealing with one, some relief comes and I can refocus on another area. You likely have checked on the option but is a cortisone shot in the shoulder an option for you? I had my knee done a few times and it actually brought systemic pain relief as the steroid doesn’t just stay at the point of injection…might be worth a “shot”. :slight_smile: Keep in touch and perhaps your nieces and nephews will look to you as source of family history and encouraging stories about your brother and your growing up years. Peace.

I’m so sorry for your loss. The lack of sleep is most certainly not helping your situation, but that’s tough to solve given everything that’s going on.

Thanks all. The shoulder will get better. The PT is just a beach.

I just tell myself that the arthritis will die down when the shoulder does. It has just been a lot.

I did manage to put up two motion sensing lights at my mother-in-laws house yesterday. I had to wait until I could sort of get my arm up that far. ARms did okay, standing on a ladder was not a good idea. Today I can hardly walk. I have figure out how much my body muscle have deteriorated over the last 7 years.

I have been talking to my PT person and he said that they had a good personal training program and recommended it. I think I will pursue that once the shoulder is doing better. I feel like ifi tried to train myself, I would hurt something at this point. I’ll probably start with a few hours a week in a month or so. Everything says “Exercise will help.” I’ll see.

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Hey @tamac ! It’s been about a month since you checked in so I was wondering how physical therapy was going now? Are you seeing any improvements?

I am down to once a week, but it is going tuff. Still have pain in the shoulder and arm. Saw the surgeon yesterday and he is happy with my range and agreed that the pain is probably a combo of the surgery and the PsA jumping on it.

They did strain my back in PT about 3 weeks ago and that is really painful for the same reason.

So you’re making progress but it’s not a straight line