Tear and inflamed bursa in the shoulder was PsA

Went to my Rheumy today after going off my medications and ending up in soooooo much pain from head to toe and I also got a tear in the right shoulder and inflamed Bursa in which the GP's told me was from the shoulder tear and sent me to Physio then the other shoulder started to feel the pain I thought I was going nuts ,the Rhuemy told me it was the PsA that was causing all the problems all my tendons were inflamed and we have tendons through out our body and that no amount of physio was going to fix the problem the only way is to find the right medication to switch off this thing that is doing this and sometimes we need to try quite a few different medications till we find the right one,It was such a relief as I felt stupid with these complaints He has given me some Prendisone for a month until my next medication is approved .Has anyone been on Simponi, that is my next one?

I'm so glad you finally got some answers! I think the Rheumatologist is right; sometimes physio can only make things much worse. Now's the hard part...finding the right meds ! I don't know anything about Simponi, I just wanted to let you know I'm happy you found some answers, and don't EVER feel stupid--it's your body, and you have every right to complain away until someone listens !


I am on Simponi. I've been on it since November. I took it alone until March, then added in methotrexate to help its effectiveness, and two months ago my dr added in prednisone because I keep having these freak flare ups in strange joints that don't want to chill out. I'm looking at going off the simponi soon and switching to humira. Good Luck. :o)

make sure your insurance covers simponi before agreeing to it

Hi Wendy,

I had a similar incident. My foot and toes were so swollen that I went to Foot Specialist who took x-rays and said nothing could be seen but she was sure it was fractured and I needed to wear a boot. This went on for 6 weeks and the inflamation just increased. I went to the Rheumy and he said did she do a bone scan and I said no. He did a bone scan and said it was not fractured it was my PSA and he injected my toes. It got a little better but the other toes are now swelling and I need to go and get them injected. I have tried Simponi but moved on from Simponi to Actemra and now I am going back to Enbrel as soon as my last Actemra infusion is past 1 month. Good Luck with the Simponi my Rheumy had many patients who did well on it.

I find one of the main problems I get is inflammed tendons. They make me pretty stiff and sore. While it's probably a waste of money going to a physio I still recommend trying some mild stretches. I know they hurt, but they can keep you from stiffening up too much and getting worse in the long term.

Thanks everyone , I went to the Physio today and got a different person treating me ,I did not say anything to him about what the Rhuemy told me about physio is not going help me and strangely enough this physio told me the same thing but he did say that I need to become a waterbaby and make the pool my best friend and do hyrotherapy excercises if possible 3 times a week will be of benefit he also explained thaty when the joints are inflamed the tendons tighten to protect the joint and thats why they hurt so physical excercises is to hard on the body and the water helps to support the joints while moving so I went in the water today just for a short time as a introduction and also had my ankle strapped as I feel it is going to give way ,I have had so much valuable info the last couple of days and finally I am being listened to by the Dr and the physio whom really went out of his way today to treat me and has ask that only he wants to treat me with this .

I have the same prob, just been off my Humira for a month because of cold/flu and cold sores..now hurting like hell. Took my injection last night but will not take effect for another few weeks so off to the hydrothreaphy pool next week. Just hope I don't get called into work.

I always feel stupid going to Drs as I have IBS/anxiety everytime I take the Humira..so scared of getting something really bad like death..lol but now I say stuff it I am paying for it so you deal with me.

I agree with Renie - never feel stupid, we know our bodies best - I went to a chiropodist before I was diagnosed - I had classic PsA symptoms going on (I did not know that at the time). You'd think he could have recognized this and suggested I see a Rhuemy - nope, he instead sold me orthotics and taped my foot saying that would help - it did not, but it did kick off psoriasis on the skin on the bottoms of my feet! So many medical professionals are good, but I am thoroughly surprised that so many medical people (especially a chiropodist!) don't know how to recognize the symptoms!

Good to know about the tendons too!! I go to physio (she is generally really great) and she tells me to do a whole bunch of exercises to strengthen the muscles to support the joint but I often find just exacerbate the problems I have (depending on the problems - sometimes they help but I can usually tell if it is going to help). I have also been told by a massage therapist that I have quite an inflamed tendon in my shoulder and I think that is what I am suffering from in my back currently. I will have to ask my Rhuemy about all this too...

Again, thanks for the info!

Hi :slight_smile: I am sorry to hear you are in so much pain; this sounded like me for the last week. I have bursitis in my right shoulder and the started to get pain in the left one. My whole body feels like it is wracked with pain and I have been on my 3rd injection of Embrel and I seem to be getting worse. It really is a process of elimination with trying different meds. I haven’t tried Humira but…i think you need to try any new one that comes your way, as we are bound to get one that will wrk for us. :slight_smile:

Haven't been on Simponi just Mtx which isn't quite doing it for me. I was just getting ready to post a ? about where does PsA manifest. I have it in my back, hands and feet but I never saw anything about knees or shoulders or hipswhen researching it. Your post was very helpful. Was the shoulders the latest place you got it. My shoulders have been bothering me the last month or so. The pain isn't as bad as in other parts of my body. My hips have been painful too but I thought it was just bursitis. Thanks for your post. It was so helpful! I hope relief is on the way for you!

I went to PT and OT for my shoulder and hands. Both therapist have helped me with proper exercises and techniques to help me use as little of energy as possible to do my daily task. Water exercise does help but careful not to over do it.

I am on my fifth week of enbrel and it is just starting to help. My wrist and achilles tendon in my left foot are being stubborn. Will have to see what it is like in seven more weeks. I am also on MTX, folic acid, and a low dose predisone that I am going to keep on.

Keep your chin up!