Question from a newbie

Hi, I am new to this illness it started when I was 28 I was diagnosed finally last April at the age of 30 and have yet until last night find a place/venue where I can ask and present question regarding PsA. Others in my life try to be supportive but they don't truly understand where I am coming from, I don't really show much signs of illness so I think that's what is hardest for them. Any way my question is as follows. It seems that I have certain areas of my body that remain almost constantly stiff sore and some time swollen, I have excepted the fact that PsA is in these joints. However every once in a while with no real warring some times new joints begin to hurt and get stiff/sore such as a shoulder or ankle. This will some times last a few days and other times a week or more, then it completely disappears. I am not sure if this normal if this not related to arthritis or just me being paranoid. Thanks for your time.

Hi spirits!

glad you found this place. I like hanging out here as I feel normal, not crazy, when I read other people's posts. Hope you have the same experience. I'm new to this too and am still learning about the disease and about my own experience with it. One of the cool things is reading past blogs and discussions to see what others experience. There's a lot of "yeah me too" on here. What you might think is odd will actually be something others experience---but not everyone. I think the point is that your experience is just that--yours. And learning to trust yourself and your own experience is really important. You aren't crazy or paranoid. You are noticing real things for which you have no explanation. Logic would suggest that he answer might be PsA but somehow you don't feel "qualified" to make that call. You have to start trusting your senses.

From what I know, in addition to affecting the joints, PsA also causes enthesitis--swelling at the attachment points of muscles. (wikipedia has a nice explanation). This might explain seemingly random aches in and around joints.

Welcome again!

We all have differing experiences with this disease,but Janeatiu sums it up nicely. I have had PsA since my teens and now in my 40s and I still have new experiences relating to it, can't weight bear on my own legs one day and can walk the next. It occurs to me that I have adjusted my life around it, but that is a good thing as it keeps me as well as I can be. The one thing I still do, which most medics have advised against, is horse riding....I like being a rebel and I know my limitations, so although restricted I take great pleasure in surpassing what is expected. I hope this gives some optimism and that when you are well you get to do what you like, albeit in your own style. To others it may be something diffrent, but for me listening to your own body is the secret of success as like you say it can differ from ond day to the next....wishing lots of good days and the strength to cope with the other days my friend

Thanks... I enjoy finally being able to hear others experiences about their dealing and coping. It makes me feel better, some times I think I am crazy buts its good to know Iam not. This past summer and then part of the one before I had to stop playing golf, which I love to do and like to play competently, I am hoping that once I find the right medication I can once again pursue my passion. I slowly have to learn that I need to slow down especially when I am at work. Its a process that I continue to work on.