Potty Mouth!

While Lamb is away welcoming his Missus home I thought I would add some discussions that may be of interest to Ladies. We won't have to worry about him interjecting with football scores, hockey terms, plowing laments or single malt scotch comments! (Just kidding Lamb!)On second thought pass the scotch....there is nothing on TV this Saturday night. I'll go first.......

I have discovered that sometimes when my spondy spine is flaring it is really hard to do some things in the BR that I use to take for granted. It will be a cold day in hell before I tell my husband about it. I recently finished some PT where the therapist and I had turning in my seat in the car to look behind myself and turning on the toilet so I can wipe myself as our goal. The PT has really helped, I am able to get more ROM turning now. And I am safer driving. I only have one functioning eye, I have no sight in my left. So I am use to using mirrors but like a good twist just to be sure. I have never had an accident but I want to be safe. I also discovered by using a damp wash cloth or wet wipe I could hold it in my hands (even when they lack strength) and pull it gently front to back. I also discovered a product called "Potty Buddy". I have not tried it as PT helped. Does anyone else have problems they have solved that we can share?

I have also been thinking, while answering questions on here, about the ways my life has changed and brought new meaning for me in the past 10 years. Yes there were days filled with black thoughts but they have faded in my memory and the meaningful parts have remained. I'll give 2 examples:

1. I started some community service. I had been a nurse for 40 years and was afraid I would shrivel up and die with no one to take care of! I was also aware if I sign up for something but then am ill on the day it is "due" I tend to do things when I really shouldn't just so I won't be "unreliable" at least in my own eyes!. I found I could make soup for the church and help to feed the hungry. I can make the soup (and/or bread) anytime I am doing well and freeze it and then go to the Thursday night soup supper with my soup and bread and help serve and clean up. Or just drop off my soup if it is a bad day.

2. I have developed an interesting hobby. I have become very interested in Royalty, history and royal jewelry. I have found a number of web sites that I visit frequently: All things royal, A tiara a day, the queen's jewel vault, just to name a few. I found I had a capacity to learn history when tied to royal intriqe and jewels! I also have bought a tiara! I found it at a second hand store for $15.00! I do not like dinky ones that made for little girls. I wanted a woman size one that really sparkles and after a few years of looking I found one that suits me. No I don't wear it with flannel....but I do wear it while I learn all about different jewelry and cultures. And I can do it even when I have trouble walking or eating. It just takes an index finger and really cheers me up! I even wore orange when Prince William Alexander became King of Holland! Such fun! Does anyone else have new interests that make them get out of bed even on the worse day?

It’s funny you should mention potty talk but since my shoulder surgery is on my right side & I’m right handed learning to use my left has been interesting to say the least. I’m using wet wipes for extra cleanliness but still it’s difficult!

I though it was funny that you raise the potty topic then quickly changed topics within your own post ;)

I have had issues with almost not being able to turn enough to properly 'take care of business'. PT has helped.

I have been looking at bidet toilet seats, types that are common in japan. Here is an example


It warms the seat, uses warm water, has a drying function. It seems a civilized approach.

My bathroom has a handheld shower attachment with a shutoff value in the handle that can reach the commode if needed. But even that takes some effort on my bad days.

Of course, a bidet doesn't address when you are out of the house. I also looked at a product similar to what you mentioned but have not purchased or used these items.

Long Reach Comfort Wipe

Freedom Wand

I frequently use wet wipes such as those with witch hazel or wet ones flushables. Some come in convenient 'on-the-go' packaging.

Maybe you should start a separate topic on "ways my life has changed and brought new meaning" because I would NOT expect to find this under a discussion titled "Potty Mouth!"

I think that the challenges of self-care and hygiene are important topics. Thanks for posting it.

Yeah I sort of hijacked my own post didn't I. I was thinking they were both "girlie" topics so I would put them together and not take up too much space on the "General Discussion" board but I am not sure it was a great idea. I must be tired! Off to bed!

I think it would be great to have a whole thread to discuss hygiene problems and solutions. For me washing my hair is tough because my hands hurt so much. I have no solutions so far.

Drying my hair was tough so I bought an even smaller travel dryer with a more comfortable handle. It weighs about a pound, but is as powerful as a big dryer.

Holding a small razor handle was tough so I bought a new electric razor similar to one I had a few years ago (I was using manual razors for a year after my electric razor died). I rarely have energy to shave AND shower; the electric razor lets me shave whenever I have energy and a few minutes.

No worries, it is your thread you can take it where ever you like ... and for what it is worth, I don't think either topic is 'girlie'

dandlyons < not a girl And I value your observations and posts ... I do not think you need worry about taking up too much space in the discussions... I just wanted to see that what you had to say gets proper attention ... that's all

as my niece, an avid reader of children's literature, recently informed me upon completing a popular title

uncle dan ... everyone poops!

michael in vermont said:

Yeah I sort of hijacked my own post didn't I. I was thinking they were both "girlie" topics so I would put them together and not take up too much space on the "General Discussion" board but I am not sure it was a great idea. I must be tired! Off to bed!

Michael, thanks for posting about toilet issues. When it happened to me I kinda freaked to begin with because I wasn't flexible enough to reach with my left hand and so ended up doing the best I could and then jumping in the shower. Wet wipes are a great idea ..... as are exercises to help with flexibility (note to self !).

Every day’s a school day! Never knew about the existence of the long-handled wipe things, but I’m glad that I know now. Not an aid I need at the moment, but the day could well come that I do. And Dan, the toilet bidet, yes, I’ve seen those and they are a great idea. (When I first saw one, I thought it was just dumb … ha ha ha PsA gives a person a whole new outlook!)
Michael, I have visions of you wearing your tiara on The Throne! LOL

Seenie I never thought of wearing my tiara on the throne! Ah the new habits PsA has brought to my life!