Positive changes - what positive change have you made lately to impact your health?

Well, I did it. After much debate and persuasion, hubby has agreed and we will be having someone come in and help with the housework. I have finally accepted the fact that I can no longer do certain things and floor scrubbing is one of them. It won't be cheap but it will help me stay on top of things. Meanwhile, I finished moving my classroom and am currently reorganizing the extra room (now the craft/alpaca room). I'm actually feeling quite relieved about the decision and think it will help me so much in the long run. I feel rather liberated that this one change should free up a lot of the stress I have been under. What have you done recently that has liberated you to some degree from PsA?

Hi Diva,

Nice to have you back!

I have learned to say "no"! Well, not completely, but getting better at it. It is hard to tell the grandkids no when they want to come to stay, but have had to, and had to tell them that they needed to go home for a little while and let me recover.

My husband has a nice lady vacuum and scrub the floors and sweep the porch and deck each week, as that is the most difficult of tasks for me.