Post Birthday week

I laid low this week. I still had a headache everyday. I have that cycle of constipation because of pain meds, benedryl and the usual IBS. Now I am feeling better yesterday and today. No headache.

I went to my doc. on Mon. the 7th to tell her show her the rash on the left side of my nose/face that had faded quite a bit by the time Mon. came around anyway. Pain facial numbness under eye and upper left lip like I had a Novocaine shot on that side. I know that icing the sucker almost constantly every time I was sitting down and resting was what helped it calm down so fast.

I also report this to the Humira People and they tell me to call and also tell my Rhumey doc. I do this. They want to see me. My appointment is for Thurs. at 4pm. I will be seeing the nurse practitioner because the doc. is so booked. Thurs. morning the clinic calls me to cancel the appointment and tells me to go back to my GP doc. I told them I already saw her on Mon. They still want me to go back to her. I see no point in this. the rash is gone now anyway. I will call my GP doc and tell her about this but I do not want to see her. I have an appointment now with the actual Rhumey doc on the 29th. ??? I had one at the end of Nov. anyway for follow up on Humira and progress. I guess I will be seeing him sooner.

Also on the 7th when I saw my GP she talked me into a flu shot which I never had before in my life. I am allergic to eggs. So is my mother. 79 and also never had a flu shot in her life. I have had my flu shot. Maybe that is why I felt a bit sick and headchey all this past week but I don't think so. I think I just really had a bit of a bug. But the rash on my face was painful itchy and sure felt like shingles to me. I have had it before.

All I know is that I am feeling good now. My feet are still itchy and bit of rash on both of the psoriasis but my hands are clear completely and I am so happy about that! A week from today I will have another Humira shot and then we will see how I do. I think I will be fine.

I am just sick of being jerked around by my doctors. This passing the buck stuff is for the birds. hmmm I wonder what I should do?