I'm so Thankful for so much!

Finally I have a drug that is working! My Humira is actually working and I can get up and down on my own! I even walked down the big hill at the Clemson game and didn’t ride the bus for Seniors!! AND… My ankles didn’t swell afterwards :slight_smile: This is a major accomplishment for me. Clemson is my favorite place and I have missed being able to walk around the campus where I met my husband.
I have one question for y’all. Do any of you have tmj problems or suffer with pain behind your ears? That sounds weird, I know. What I mean is the bones in my skull behind my ears are so sore to touch and have caused chronic migraine for several weeks. I ended up with severe vomiting and six shots at the neurolologist last week, which barely brought relief. My dentist thinks it is tmj/ arthritis related. I have always had migraines but never so horrible that they couldn’t be brought under control by my doctor. Any thoughts?

Awesome news about the med working!!! It must feel so good to regain some normalcy.

I'd be interested in hearing others' input on the jaw/tmj/behind the ear issue, as I have something very similar and my migraines have been HORRENDOUS lately. Definitely something I'm bringing up with my rheumy next week.

Nice to hear you are getting relief!!! I also use Humira and it has helped a great deal. I have been taking it for about 8 months and I find that I get headaches a few days after the injection. They are rather severe and hard to get rid of but they pass and I am not ready to give up the PsA relief by stopping the med.

I had a lot of TMJ problems in my teens and 20's but that has improved. I was told to use a night guard to reduce clenching and grinding that can contribute to the joint pain.

I get pain in my "Frankenstein knobs". They are below and behind my ears. It has something to do with holding my head up with lots of damage in my cervical spine. When I rest my head in a neck pillow and rub with muscle rub or use Salonpas pads on it. My husband knows it is not a good day when he comes home from work and I am papered with Salonpas pads!

Yay that the Humira is working! Lately I have been having symptoms of TMJ also, but wasn't sure if it was arthritis related at all...my jaw is so sore and stiff, even my gums are inflamed! I also get migraines, at least 1 a week and was just put on Imitrex since the Excedrin barely works anymore.

Yay for your Humira experience. I'm with Michael. I get really bad pain on those knobbly things and the muscle band that connects them. I haven't noticed a link to my Humira shot but I do know that spot is a favorite for flares or if I'm just dog tired or if I've been at the computer for too long (it's my job/life). Sorry you're in such a bad way with the headaches.

The Frankenstein Knobs! That is what hurts on me too! I may have to try the salon pas. I haven’t noticed a link to working on a computer which I rarely do, but it does cause the inside of my ear to hurt.
My doctor prescribed shots of imitrex that work in ab 30 seconds. They are great- when they work. Which makes me think that some of my headaches are not just my normal migraines. The shots I give myself in the thigh or tummy.
I hadn’t even considered that they might be related to the Humira… Bummer of a thought. These headaches are such that if they were side effects I couldn’t just ignore them. I will keep an eye out for a pattern, and pray I don’t find one! The Humira is a Godsend!