Birthday Week! Yay! zzzzzzzzzzzz

I am sleeping my Birthday week away. My birthday is on Sat. and I have felt kind of punky all week. My stomach is bothering me and I cant tell if I have a bug or if this is how it is 4-5 days before my next Humira shot I am feeling kind of fluey? Is this a coincidence or do I have something more going on with my intestines than I thought I did. I have not been diagnosed with Crohns disease and I would think with all the tests and scopes I have had the docs would know if I had that. hmmm?? It makes me scratch my head. Lets see how I feel tomorrow. I just want to sleep every night and day away.

I am still jazzed about my birthday party I will finally have after a few decades of asking for one. I have thrown so many parties for everyone else. Cause Im good at it! Balloons, decorations, great food, beautiful cakes, fun games! I loved doing that for my kids, my friends, my husband and other family. It was great. Im glad i did that stuff back when I had the energy to do so. One time my girlfriend hired me to plan and throw her 40th Bday party for her. A huge deal. I rented a hall sent out the invites and my husbands band played. It was so fun. My girlfriend bought me a red dress and she said I had to wear it at the party. I did. I have no photos of me in that dress. That might be just as well they are not floating around the internet. Ha I will say no more.

My husbands band plays 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s rock and roll. Champagne flowed. Streamers and confetti flew. Food disappeared and people danced til the wee hours of the morning. What fun and I do brag as I also reminisce about days gone by but......

My life has changed and though I have hips and feet and hands that hurt and my stomach is picky and tender and I am so slow like a sloth I am still reminded how all my friends and family are still around me and on Saturday everyone will be gathered here and there will be balloons and gluten free cake and cup cakes and salads and music and fun and laughter! Half of my friends are now gluten free. That friend I through that party for?? She will be here with her family. Her daughter is like my daughter. We raised our children together. Her daughter and husband is gluten free. I have a friend who has RA. She will be here with her family. She is gluten free too. But aches and pains and special diets aside they will all be here with my family and my mom and step dad. It will be a grand celebration. I will have fun. I hope I can stay awake to blow out my candles and take lots of pictures.

But I digress.....I will take my shot tonight and see how I feel. I am not sure if my psoriasis gets better with this medicine or worse. Its hard to tell. I will keep track. Maybe I should start a photo diary of what my rashes look like in relation to my shot days schedule.

Happy Birthday! It sounds like it will be a lot of fun, and you'll be surrounded by friends and family.

Mmmmmm cupcakes!