Birthday blues

My birthday is tomorrow, and I've been feeling a bit blue all day. Another year older, and not much to show for it. But I've decided that any life - even mine - is worth celebrating. So I told hubby I'm not cooking dinner tomorrow. He is taking the boy and I out to dinner at our favorite Chinese buffet (I love that place!), and we are going to make tomorrow a special day. I'm not even baking my own birthday cake this year. I'm headed to the grocery store tomorrow, and I'm buying a cake! We really can't afford it, but by golly we are going to make it happen anyway!

Happy birthday, Timberwolf! I hope your day turns out to be a treat.

Happy Birthday tmbrwolf329. Sometimes we just need to treat ourselves even if it means pasta for dinner 2 or 3 nights to make up for it. Enjoy your day.

Happy birthday! Mine was on the 11th, and I sent my husband out to buy a cake and a hyacinth (so I had something nice to smell and look at). My husband also brought home some pizza. I laid about all day, it was a nice b-day :)

Thanks everybody. Unfortunately, looks like the birthday celebration is getting put on hold. sigh. Hubby's dad had a heart attack, so we are kind of hanging out waiting for word about how he is doing. Added to which hubby is going to have to work an extra long day tomorrow (he has worked no less than 12 hours a day all week). Also, my kiddo has a school dance. So....I guess I'll make dinner after all.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday tmbrwolf!

Mine was the 10th. January is a tough month for birthdays. The holidays take a lot of energy. By the time your birthday rolls around you still haven't fully recovered from the holidays.

I am sorry to hear about your father-in-law.

I hope your enjoy your celebration, whenever that may be.

Hubby came through after all. He told his boss he needed to leave on time so he could take me out to dinner. We ended up at an Indian restaurant...decided we better get in all the curry I can eat now because once I start Remicade....<shudder>. He also got me a new nook to replace the last one I dropped (I've been through two of them in the last year because they keep sliding out of my numb fingers...). My son's contribution to my birthday was to purchase the replace/repair warranty on my new nook so if this one goes the way as the last 2, I'll be covered. Then hubby and I came home from dinner, snuggled up and watched the movie "ghost." It was a really good day.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! To one of my favorite dependable friends. Enjoy your special time tomorrow. Hope the sun shines on you and yours all day :).

p.s the unicorn is beautiful. thanks

How was your birthday tmbrwolf? I've also learned how to enjoy events or time with friends by making things easier on myself, like you did by buying your birthday cake. I've learned not to worry about the house being perfectly clean to have friends over and to concentrate on the important things/activities that make me happy.

Just read down your posts and saw that you had a wonderful birthday - good for you ! I hope you continue to have great days with your wonderful husband and son !