This one is for the Ladies!

Ok, so I was just wondering if anyone else felt this way....I am exhausted preparing for Valentine's Day! Between shaving, tweezing, manicuring, pedicuring, cupcake baking, etc.....I'm afraid I'll be worn out before the big day even gets here. I've been trying to space everything out to avoid the fatigue, and I'm actually wondering if I'm going to end up too worn out tomorrow to actually enjoy the day! Grrrrrr....And on top of it all, I'm stressing about what I can wear tomorrow that will be sexy, but covers up my psoriasis. And, worst of all, I'm not even sure if I can wear my heels! Ok, maybe all of this seems petty in the grand scheme of things, but seriously, I gotta say, it's tough enough being a woman, but PsA makes it even tougher. Thanks for listening!

So what are you planning on doing tomorrow? I'm so lame, we don't do anything special:/ I hope you have fun!!

Valentines Day is exhausting! but you can do it, and your partner will think you are sexy no matter what, dont worry about the psoriasis they will love you and think your sexy anyway, as long as your partner understands PsA they will appreciate anything that you do to make the day extra special!

My only piece of advice is try and relax and not over do it, take a nap if at all possible and try to have as much pre done as possible. You will have a wonderful Valentines day!!!!

Hope all your plans work out!

My Valentine's preparations:

The kids made Valentines for a Valentine exchange last week.

Last night I made gluten-free pumpkin muffins for the kids for breakfast, and put them out with heart-shaped Peeps and mini toy slinkys for this morning.

Today, while trying to keep 7 children entertained at my parents' house (my 5, plus a 4 year old and 6 month old I'm providing "emergency care" for today because their other care provider can't take care of them today), I'll write dh a love letter. Hopefully. Somewhere in between dropping some kids off at my parents' house, taking my 11 year old and myself to the eye doctor (with 6 month old in tow), lunch, homeschool projects .... yeah - this should be interesting! We have Tuesday Night Sunday School and First Communion Class tonight, and hopefully the kids I'm babysitting will be picked up before then.

By the time my husband gets home tonight, I'll probably not have enough energy for more than a kiss and a hug before passing out! LOL

I am so with you on this one! AHHH but my fiancee is always telling me how beautiful he thinks I am when I have no energy to prep myself. I am so blessed to have someone who loves me so much this Valentines day! Before I go out tonight he told me to take a nap! Just focus on how beautiful this condition has made you because of all we go through :) and I dont think it is petty at all to want to be and feel beautiful! We are women before anything else.Also all you ladies that bake! You are amazing! Keep it up!

I have to say I have an AMAZING husband who finds me sexy no matter what I feel like. Ultimately, I wasn't able to do everything I had planned, but we ended up taking things really easy and relaxing together. It was actually really nice! Oh, and the cupcakes were soooooooo goood. We've already gone through 18 of the 24 I made! LOL

:) hopefully everyone had a great valentines day... hubby and i were both passed out on the couch before 9pm!! lol! he has been working crazy hours and I have been exhausted.. we sat down and had some brie and bread and turned on big bang theory... and that was it. we were both out. we went to bed at 9 and enjoyed every last minute of sleep! HAHA! really, it's just another day. I'd rather save the romantic date night for a weekend when we can really spend time together. and it was nice to just snuggle up and zonk out together :)