Esther and the Oldies, Humira and the Hot Tub

So this weekend we celebrated my GF's mom's 90th birthday. It was fun to spend time with her, the family and some of her longtime friends. She's in pretty good health (except for her teeth--but her dentures get fitted soon) and although she's got early dementia and doesn't remember things from morning to night (she forgot that we were having a big dinner for her when we called to say hello on Saturday morning) she just keeps on truckin'! The white cake with chocolate buttercream icing (from our local chocolatier) was the business. I could have eaten nothing but that and been happy--but I only had one slice. I figured I could cheat on my gluten-free status for a 90th birthday.

On Friday I got my first Humira shot. I've been without anti-inflammatory meds for well over three weeks so I was pretty desperate for _something_ to help me out. I'm anxious to see how things go but I hate playing that game where you check your body constantly for signs of improvement. That being said, I do feel a touch better and not as fatigued. Lately, my skin had been breaking out in psoriasis patches but I noticed that my skin looked much calmer this morning.

Even though the food, the friendship and the first Humira shot were all wonderful parts of the weekend, the clear highlight was a long soak in the hot tub after a superb restorative yoga class on Sunday evening. The jets work wonders on my hips and low back; the yoga works wonders for my mind. It was cool enough outside to see the steam rising off the water--first time I've seen that since we got it installed in late April. I'm lucky to have a GF who loves a good soak and pushed for us to get a hot tub this spring. I wouldn't have thought to get one, but I certainly appreciate it now it's here. It takes the edge off waiting to see if the Humira is working.

It sounds like such a sweet celebration!
Enjoy that tub! I’ll be over when I’m in the 'hood!

Seenie, the celebration was great but the cake was better!