Our Very Own Seenie from Across the Pond!

I got an email from Our Seenie. She is on a cruise ship coming back to this continent from Europe. She has had some trouble with Meniere's Disease (sp?). but is feeling better now. She is sorry she hasn't been on her more the Wii Fii has been spotty at best. But she said to tell you all she misses you and will be back soon. She is one of the sweetest ladies ever.

Agreed! Seenie is an absolutely beautiful lady! She has been a huge support, a wealth of knowledge and has helped me have a much better understanding of PSA! I'm sorry to hear that she has suffered while away. Happy to hear that she is feeling better. Sending healing thoughts and hope the rest of her journey home is enjoyable<3

Keeping Sennie in my thoughts and prayers and hoping she's feeling well enough to enjoy herself!

So thoughtful of Seenie to think of this forum while away on a well deserved holiday, hope she has a wonderful trip back to our neck of the woods and that she leaves her pain behind,,,( no no no I am not talking about her hubby) lol just kidding Seenie!!!

Seenie is awesome. She has helped me tremendously over the last few years. Thank you for letting us know how she is doing on her big adventure. Sending her prayers and hugs....

There is so much love on this site. Seenie’s a wonderful woman and she deserves to luxuriate on a cruise ship! Meniere’s syndrome’s a total bummer but no surprise it acted up while she was at sea. Come home safe, Seenie, and tell us all about it!

Bless you Seenie