Odd symptom maybe?

I am currently on Remicade infusions and am preparing to tart methotrexate. I keep track of pain and symptoms pretty well but this one has thrown me for a loop. Has anyone had their hands look years older in just a few weeks? In the last 6 weeks my hands look like they’ve aged 20 years. It’s really odd to me. Nothing has changed so I was just wondering if anyone else ever has had anything like this happen. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi I. Know what you mean about the hands mine are the same and I’m only 32 but look like I have the hands of an 80 year old they look wrinkly and somewhat dry like there’s no moisture left in them but I also have nodules on the back of my fingers where the knucke joint is and swollen wrists so put in down to the arthritis

Can you describe what makes them look older?

For me, going from chronically swollen fingers to little to no inflammation made my hands change dramatically - like skin was hanging off the bones a bit, my arthritic joints stood out more, hands looked bonier, etc. Add to that dehydration (I seem to be more dehydrated on Remi than I was when I wasn't on it), and they looked pretty gnarly for a while.

I've been on Remicade for 10 months and just in the past few weeks it's been changing. They have a lot more lines and wrinkles on the palms and fingers. The bones have been changing and bulging on the knuckles for awhile now so I don't even bother noticing that. I drink tons of water so I know I'm hydrated. I called my Dr's office and am going in next week, gotta talk to her about my decision on starting Methotrexate, so I am going to ask her about it then I guess. Glad I'm not the only one out there and don't have to worry myself too much.

If you figure it out, please let me know. The closer I look, the more I realize that there are lines and wrinkles on the palms that weren't there before. Odd! I didn't really pay attention until you said something. It was the backs of my hands that I'd noticed before.

Well it turns out that it’s just from muscle atrophy. Oh well :slight_smile: nothing to worry about though. Getting a higher dosage of Remicade and starting Methotrexate soon. Hoping for the best.