2nd Rheumy Visit

Been taking methotrexate, folic acid and naproxen for the last couple of months (since diagnosis). Thankfully, no side effects from the methotrexate. Just saw the doctor for follow up. Although it seems better over all... it's not enough and there are signs of disease progression in my hands especially. The doctor has now upped the methotrexate and added embrel. Wasn't real excited about the idea of having to do injections. Luckily they gave me auto injectors and it wasn't too bad.

Really hoping that the new medication makes a bigger difference. My brother and his family came down for Thanksgiving. Today we met up for lunch and went to Downtown Disney. Walking the mall there tho has put me down for the night. So hurting in my knee and ankle. It'd be nice to be able to go on outings without having to pay for it.

Anyone have experiences with this combination of drugs?

I am on exactly what you are. I started Enbrel last December. It itself was a wonder drug with the excruciating pain I had in my lower back. I still have pain which is at least tolerable most days.. I just got done having a nerve test done on both hands. I do not have carpal tunnel. I guess that is good news. The pain in my hands sometimes makes me cry myself to sleep. The dr gave we wrist braces and told me to wear them to bed. It helps my wrists but not my hands and fingers. Remember, whatever damage was done before the enbrel cannot be reversed. I just had toe surgery due to this dang disease....my right knee replaced twice and my left knee is due for surgery too. My diagnosis was long in coming. I guess about 10 years too late..

If I can help u with anything else. Just message me

Gentle huggs