Ok, I have have just taken my third shot this morning and I am still having wrist discomfort. Not as bad as it was before I took it but still not "pain free". The knees are also feeling the same way. Any thoughts?

Mtx 6 pills

Predisone 5 mg

Folic Acid


Hi Rebel!

Glad you are getting some relief so early in the treatment, as it takes a full 12 weeks to get the full effect of the med. I don't know if pain free is ever possible with us, but relief is. My wrists hurt me as well, so Rheum gave me a script for x-rays, seems as soon as I got that slip, the wrist pain abated, so I decided to wait. It is starting up again, so time to go get the picture taken, Probably sounds crazy on my part to think this way, but wanted to wait for my worst of days to have them taken.

My knee and ankle and ball of foot are swollen and sore, could barely get my loosest sneaker on yesterday, so fall is here! I took a hot bath and rubbed down with sports cream that always helps.

I hope that you can get relief from the Enbrel, as the Rheumatologist tells me, sometimes we don't know that a med is helping until we stop taking it! With Enbrel, it will always help the least damaged areas most, the ones that bother us most, will always bother us to some degree because damage is irreversible.

It will take time, my friend.