Methotrexate for ps but my joint pain is getting worse?

Been on methotrexate for over 4 months now for ps and now i swear my psa is getting worse, more swelling in hands and toes. But my rhuemy doesn’t think i have psa, she thinks its fibromyalgia which i have had for 20 yrs now. Had ps for 40 yrs, and i never had joint paint or swelling up until about 5 yrs ago on and off. Now it’s worse than ever. Not sure what to do now. my skin was clearing with the first dose of mtx 15 mgs (6pills a wk) then after 2 mos my skin got worse so my doctor raised it to 7 pills wk. Not sure why my joints, hands and feet are hurting more....will this ever end....i quit my job of ten years... 2 years ago... because my pain and fatigue was the worst i ever experienced. My fatigue feels more tolerable now with a little help from tramadol and lortab. But now I can’t do what my career admin...because of joint pain in hands and now feet. I am not getting disability and can’t work....any help is appreciated!!!

Hi Dee and Welcome!

I didn't respond well to Enbrel for the psoriasis peelings, pustular, so i changed rheummy's and she put me on Remicade, in March 2011.

It's really helped the pustular psoriasis, and i am on longtime Mtx. Helps my joints also, been on NSAIDS too long, so just Remicade, Mtx

Have you been to a skin doc?

Also for the inflammation in fingers/feet...a short term burst of prednisone helps

take care

My derm. has me on the methotrexate for skin, and i tried prednisone for joint pain from my rheumy and it helped but it made my psoriasis break out bad.

Dear Dee,

Hopefully she will put you on a biologic. Most respond well to at least one of them, I do not have psoriasis, but Enbrel surely does help the joints. Good luck to you!

I had a similar methotrexate experience, with the sense that after 4-5 months, things weren't much better, if not worse. When I seemed to have serious mouth sores (one of the potential side-effects), I decided it might be best to try something else. While my doctor (and others apparently) encourage dual medication theapies, I've decided to try Remicaid (lucky to have insurance that supports that) but am in transition to it, and am currently "bare." It's been interesting -- in part because sometimes I feel better, and other times...just as funky as I was feeling. The condition continues to confound, I guess.

All the best!