I Miss My Methotrexate!

Been on it for 16 yrs. Had Liver Biopsy/elevated liver enzymes. ( wasn't sedated, radiologist does it, wasn't painful).it's fatty liver. ALT in Labs was 188 in July.

You know how they say it takes up to 3 months for Mtx to work?..Same in reverse, it's outta my system now..and oh boy does the pain and inflammation come back worse at night.

I have to loose some weight to possibly get back on Mtx. I love Remicade, been on it since March, increased to 900 mil now, every 6 weeks. It's the only biologic that has helped pustular psoriasis, feet/palms..wasn't diagnosed till on palms, began 2 yrs ago. But it's wearing off 2 1/2 weeks after the infusion.

So i have to take Prednisone..which we all have the love/hate relationship with...They are letting me take Norco, but not my NSAID Relafen. Only 30 mg of prednisone is going to cut through this pain, till next Remicade, December 8th.

Prior to Remicade..i was on 100 mg of Enbrel a week, the psoriatric arthritis dose for 3 months..somehow i fell through the cracks between rheummy and dermatologist, and stayed on that high dose of enbrel for 18 months, a no-no. .New rheummy said she was surprised I got Enbrel on that dose approved ..but only Remicade is helping with pustular psoriasis..the Enbrel, annd the steroid ointments....last one was Halabetasol...didn't make the skin , non peeling as Remicade.

New here...just venting a little, ...i guess Mtx was helping, hope i can get back on it one day

Sorry to hear you are struggling. It's hard to go back to the pain and outbreaks after you had it under control. I'm new here also and also fairly newly diagnosed. I haven't made to the Mtx yet, still have to get through the Planquenil before anything stronger can be covered by insurance. Hope things get better soon for you.

Sorry to hear about your struggles, but it's wonderful you can go back on the med that works! I'm currently unable to take mtx due to fatty liver. We're hoping that my recent celiac disease diagnosis, going gluten-free, and starting Enbrel (friday!) will help things within the next few months. I'm hoping once I'm gluten -free for long enough and can finally lose weight, my fatty liver will resolve as well.