Joints and tendons glowing?

I have heard you all mention swollen fingers and toes, which I never had, but have you ever woke up and you have knuckles, fingertips, toes, kneecaps, and your achiellies tendon all glowing bright red? This is happening to me lately. They also seem to stand out being very red when I get in the shower.

Glowing was a great word choice! It makes me think red and warm. I get red joints, but not the tendons. It sounds like you are having a flare, yes?

I get hard lumpy tendons that don’t change color or get warm, but boy do they hurt! My joints do tend to “glow” as you describe. I get this way with a flare or in the week or two before the next Remicade infusion. This has improved some since I started the MTX, and has been better this round maybe because of the increased MTX dose?

I get those on all of my finger joints. Showed them to the rheum and he had no idea what they were. If you ever find out, please let me know!

GoMindfully said:

Now that you mentioned it grumpycat, I notice bumps on my finger joints on the side of each finger closest to the thumb side.

Do you live alone? If not, I recommend a hot bath. I only ask about the alone thing because if can be a pain to get back out again without assistance. It is so soothing to soak. It really does help.