Just got my first Remicade on Friday, now I am flaring

Just wanted to say that....argh. Has anyone else had this experience ? I have heard it can take a few infusions to kick in, but I wasn't really expecting this.

I have been on remicade a few months now. After my initial few doses my rheumy had to increase the dosage & frequency. I had my infusion on the 10th of this month & last night my ankle was swollen & my hands seem to almost stay swollen. So I am not sure what my rheumy will do now. But I would at least give yourself a few more infusions to kick in. I know it is hard but try to be patients. Keep us posted. (HUGS)

In my case I have carpal tunnel from my wrists fusing. I am hoping after the surgery, that my hands will feel better. I can't say that the remicade has made all my symptoms go away. I do find that my flares are not as intense & do not last as long. Keep us posted & best of luck to you.

mimiB said:

Thank you, I am sorry you aren't having better results. What an adventure. My doc did say that we would need to see significant improvement to justify the risks of the Remicade, although I don't remember the time frame he had in mind. other than being tired and having a slight headache, I don't have any side effects. I go back for the second dose in two weeks.

It can take up to 6 mos. to get where its going. believe it or not, you may not be flaring. Its sorta like unfolding something that has been folded a long time..... The more flexible it is the less problem the stiffer the more the problem (If you don't move it, it doesn't hurt.

There will be (i'm confident for you) an Aha moment very soon. You may not notice it right away, but it will happen. For me it was putting the toilet seat down with out dropping it. didn'tt even realize it until I heard my DW screaming "did you put the seat down" (imagine the never seen but well heard Mrs Wolowitz on Big Bang Theory)