Remicade losing it's magic

Just wanted to post a quick update. I have recently had my 3rd infusion of remicade. The first two doses were amazing. I felt like my old self. But I am noticing that since my last infusion I am not feeling any better. The pain is returning. I know I have heard from people here how after being on a certain medication that it no longer works.......but I only had a total of 3 infusions. Is it possible to stop working that soon? Hope everyone is enjoying the summer.

Oh, Elizabeth, I'm so sorry to hear this! I was so excited when you got your first dose and it helped so much. It's terrible to hear that your pain is returning. I feel for you, knowing how utterly exhausting pain can be. I truly hope this is an anomaly and you feel better in a week or so.

Please keep us posted!

Dear Elizabeth,

I hope that this does not continue and that you can have your old self back, sometimes we look at older photos and wonder if it was going on then.

Do they treat you with a higher dose the first time or is the dosage amount the same each time? Could be that when feeling better, we push harder, sleep, nap, rest less than we did before the first dose too. It is worth an ask, unless you already know that answer!

No wonder they call these clinical trials, we surely do go through the trials and tribulations with the meds. Hope this kicks in again and works for you, Liz! God's speed!



I'm going through the same thing. I'm wondering if it's due to me doing more because I was feeling better ... or because I have lots of stress these days ... or if it's the remicade not working. I figure I'll bring it up at my rheumy appointment next week and see what my rheumy says. I do know that you can flare while on meds, and then can improve again.

Hi..I'm thinking that it takes more time to really kick in...I'm on it since 3/2011..Am up to 900mg now....But, if i don't have my mtx, it doesnt work as well...It does wear off for me, i have to wait till 8/16 for my next one..I get it every 6 weeks...It's really helped the peelings i had. SHe is letting me have Celebrex now for pain, no more NSAIDS for me...i hae always been on NSAIDS, till i got the fatty liver, but better for my stomach ( must be rock hard)

pretty sure u have to give it more time

I've been on Remicade for over a yr.. and the infusions compound over time.. I didn't feel ANY difference until I was on it for a couple months.. Hang in there.. sometimes you do to much because you feel better and can make the flares worse.. at least that's my experience!