MTX side effects or withdrawal symptoms?

I have been on Methotrexate since August of last year. Also have been on and off of several other meds. I started Remicade about 2 or so months ago at the lower dosing. The rheumy and the hematologist said it has to go to the higher dose (which I get tmrw). But thing is I had to stop taking the MTX because it was causing teeth to break, nails to shatter, peel and separate and hair thinning and breaking.
I have been off of it about a week and I seem to be getting side effects of going off of it.
Like, my scalp is itchy all over. Bf it was a spot or two. My arms and chest and neck are itchy. Nothing there. (my psoriasis was over 10 yrs ago).
My joints are in so much agony. I can barely walk and hold things with my hands, etc
Anyone else have these problems???????

Yeah, I have heard of those problems. Those are the reasons I started taking MTX, I need only be off of it for awhile to remember. What I haven't heard of from MTX is it causing teeth to break, or nails to shatter, peel and separate when the folic acid levels are in check and being monitored. A few patients need to take a different form of folic acid. But frankly I'd sooner be bald, toothless and wear gloves than go through a few months like I just did without it.

I have not heard of the teeth thing though. Interestingly enough is the psoriatic nails I had before I started meds (MTX) are the only symptoms that did not improve. In fact two of them got worse. Drives my daughters nuts when I wear socks with my Birks so its worth it.

There is no withdrawl or dependencey from MTX. In fact it is the body rejecting it that makes it work. My guess is that the acute symptoms you are feeling will pass in time and your disease will even out. Hopefully you get a rapid response with the Remi although it generally is not very effective without an MTX backer or a long lasting bio because of the nonhuman Bio markers in it.

Thank you for responding. I spoke to my hematologist/oncologist and he is the one that said it was the Methotrexate. Even in the small doses (2.5mg x 6) . So he is the one that said to go off. I have an infusion tomorrow of Remicade at the Cancer center so I will probably ask to see the doctor .
I would imagine there is something that three can replace the Methotrexate with ? If that’s the problem.
Unfortunately, I am still in the “Gap” .

You’re not going to believe this, but I’ve stopped MTX for bladder surgery. I feel a whole lot better without MTX. Pain levels have not gone up! Cymbalta and Tramadol help significantly. I am hoping this is a blessing in disguise.