Methotrexate side effects or withdrawal?

I have been on Methotrexate since August of last year. Also have been on and off of several other meds. I started Remicade about 2 or so months ago at the lower dosing. The rheumy and the hematologist said it has to go to the higher dose (which I get tmrw). But thing is I had to stop taking the MTX because it was causing teeth to break, nails to shatter, peel and separate and hair thinning and breaking.
I have been off of it about a week and I seem to be getting side effects of going off of it.
Like, my scalp is itchy all over. Bf it was a spot or two. My arms and chest and neck are itchy. Nothing there. (my psoriasis was over 10 yrs ago).
My joints are in so much agony. I can barely walk and hold things with my hands, etc
Anyone else have these problems???????

Yes, the weak teeth, nails and hair issues sound very familiar with methotrexate. I'm not certain how long it takes to get out of your system completely but it is certainly longer than a week. As for the itching, I didn't get it with mtx but I did with leflunomide and even since being long off that I get periods of intense itching which I now believe is likely a psoriasis symptom even though there isn't any visible skin disease.

An emollient cream containing lauromacrogols helped me (ask at your pharmacy) but I also need anti-histamines and a small dose of steroids from my doctor.

Definitely worth letting your rheumy know you're having these problems when you have your remicade today as they should be able to help / advise you best.

I was Dx w/ PsA in 2010. I took MTX for less than two years. I have had a patch of dandruff on my scalp for as long as I remember. My condition (both skin & arthritis) is pretty mild. I was feeling good physically so I went off of the MTX. THEN I developed plaques on my torso. Been started treating it myself with OTC Hydrocortisone but it continued to get worse. I recently moved and found a Betamethasone Dipropionate Lotion 0.05% and started applying it daily and my plaques cleared up. Unfortunately, my arthritis needed to be reeled in so I went back on the MTX last month for my 51st BDay. Yea me..... I will keep an eye out for those other side effects.

Oh how I suffered on Methotrexate... awful medication... my upper lip grew so drastically in size.. I looked like I should be on one of Hollywood's plastic surgery disaster shows.. It took weeks to return to normal after stopping MTX... My psoriasis did improve a little and so did my PSA..(while I was taking MTX). but the allergic reaction forced me to stop the medication shortly after taking it.. The side effects lasted longer than the time I spent on it... But, happily my lip is back to normal.... .. I have just been approved for Enbrel... My doctor says that all the problems I had with the oral medications should not be a problem with Enbrel.