Not sure what to call it ..........confusion........memory a fog

I am plugging away still increasing my dosage of methotrexate. This was my first week of 7 pills. It was actually supposed to be last week but I had developed a few white pimple inside my mouth so the doc had me take extra Folic Acid and wait until they went away before I increased the dosage.

All and all I am tolerating it pretty well. I take my pills in a split dose on Saturday and most Sundays I am pretty useless. On Mondays I am not quite right either but more functional.

What I have noticed though is that I have a hard time remembering words when trying to tell someone a story or even just talk to my husband about something regarding the household. I also have a bit of confusion on occasion. For example, I recently was driving past an establishment where a friend works. She also works the suites at MetLife Stadium. As I drove by I wondered to myself if she would be working the Super Bowl. About 10 minutes later I realized the Super Bowl had already past. This is most upsetting to me because I am normally very sharp. (Almost to a fault). So I obviously need to discuss this at my next appointment.

Other than joints feel good.

Thank you for sharing. Good to know

I find the brain fog really frustrating at times, and am always having problems finding the right word.
I think for me its a bit like, what I called, “Baby Brain” when both my kids were up to a few months old I couldn’t find the words and often substituted something completely off the wall!
For me I find its at its worse when my fatigue level is is bad, add in the MTX and I come out with some wonderful sentences…A few months ago I asked a patient " would you like a window?" Instead of “would you like a blanket?” Luckily I know the patient well, and they found it funny. Its more embarrassing when I’m mentoring students. If I catch myself doing weird substitutions on a particularly bad day I use it as a learning session for whoever I’m mentoring at the time.
I’ve not found much that helps other than a good sleep, drink plenty, and eat well…all the things that can help cognitive function…well that’s what I tell myself until I see people looking at me oddly cos I’ve spoken another booboo :slight_smile:

Oh my gosh, I’ve had this problem all my life. But now it’s getting way worse and I’m not on mtx. nor a biological drug, yet. The more pain and fatigue that I have (and loss of sleep: it’s 3:00 a.m. right now) the worse this gets. I wonder how I will be able to continue my job this way. It’s really frustrating to me! Esp. since I am a Speech/Language therapist and I’m “supposed to be” really good at talking and thinking. …what were we talking about?

I have found for me when the fatigue and pain are at their worst so is my brain fog. I think I finally figured out that the brain fog is coming from the inflammation which makes sense as it lessened with mtx and when the biologics are working for me. I wondered for a long time if it was the fatigue or the pain or the pain med. But it really isn't. I do require more sleep during a flare but the brain fog is the first thing to leave as the flare recedes. Then the pain and stiffness and fatigue fade also. Drinking lots of water and rest do seem to help.

Reading this has brought me so much relief. I have had this all my life and thought it was just me. I always described it as a cloud over my eyes where I feel like i;m stuck in a fog. I just said this to my husband and we can't believe it, i've said this since meeting him at 16 and never realised that this could be why! Thank you this, lack of sleep doesn't help and trying to get through the pain!